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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Undergraduate Program

Two specializations are offered for our Bachelor of Science degree at the undergraduate level: Biological Engineering and Agricultural Operations Management. Students who have an interest in engineering, biology, packaging, the management of commercial businesses or agricultural and environmental systems can choose a major that fits their career goals.

Biological Engineering

Biological Engineering graduates help design processes, structures, and equipment to protect water, soil, wetlands, and ecosystems, or develop new biofuels and biotech products.

There are four concentrations available in the Biological Engineering program:

  • Biosystems Engineering
  • Land and Water Resources Engineering
  • Packaging Engineering
  • Agricultural Production Engineering

Agricultural Operations Management

Agricultural Operations Management (AOM) provides students with knowledge and skills in both the technical and business aspects of management for a variety of commercial and family-owned operations including energy and environmental systems, agricultural production, and technical sales.

AOM concentrations include:

  • Sustainable Energy and Facilities
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Fishery and Aquatic Production
  • Animal Production Management
  • Horticulture and Crop Management
  • Soil and Water Science


Undergraduate Research

We strive to inspire your research curiosity and look forward to working with you on our teams. Please complete the form at the link below to help us get to know your interests and find one of our state-of-the-art research groups that is the perfect fit for you.


Certificate in Packaging Engineering

The Packaging Engineering certificate emphasizes engineering solutions to problems associated with packaging systems related to design, functionality, and sustainability of packaging and product distribution. Learn more about the Packaging Engineering program.

This certificate is limited to undergraduate engineering students in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering.

For more information, visit the Undergraduate Catalog.

  • Coursework for Packaging Engineering Certificate

    Required Courses (15 credits)

    • PKG 3001: Principles of Packaging (3 credits)
    • PKG 3103: Food Packaging (3 credits)
    • PKG 4008: Distribution and Transport Packaging (3 credits)
    • PKG 4011: Packaging Production and Processing (3 credits)
    • PKG 4101C: Computer Tools for Packaging (3 credits)

    Engineering students may substitute one advisor-approved engineering elective, or a packaging-related internship or coop for a required packaging engineering course, where the student’s engineering academic advisor approves the substitution.

Contact Us

Dr. Ana Martin-Ryals
Biological Engineering Undergraduate Coordinator
115 Frazier Rogers Hall

Dr. Adam Watson
Agricultural Operations Management Undergraduate Coordinator
263 Frazier Rogers Hall

Daphne Flournoy
Academic Adviser
116 Frazier Rogers Hall

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