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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural Operations Management

The Agricultural Operations Management (AOM) program provides students with core fundamental knowledge and critical thinking skills as well as specialized tracks providing career path options. The program teaches both management and technical skills and provides students with the ability to apply this knowledge to solve problems common in family-owned businesses and large municipal entities.

Students focus on the application of technology used in agriculture and natural systems management with the integration of business management concepts. The AOM graduate is able to identify system problems, formulate possible solutions, evaluate the impact of alternatives (including social and economic dimensions), and then implement the best solution.

A major strength of the AOM program is its small class sizes. Students benefit from engaging discussion in a welcoming environment, interacting with and getting to know professors, and connecting with classmates through hands-on projects, activities and club functions.


AOM students complete a common core curriculum to build knowledge and strengthen critical thinking skills. Each student also selects a specific focus or concentration. All new AOM students will consult with an advisor and select from the above list to determine their specific coursework. Concentration areas include:

  • Sustainable Land, Energy, and Water
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Animal Production Management
  • Horticulture and Crop Management
  • Smart Agricultural Management (starting Fall 2023)
  • Agri-Food Systems Management (starting Fall 2023)

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Undergraduate Coordinators:
Dr. Adam Watson

Dr. Dan Hofstetter

Academic Advisor:
Daphne Flournoy

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Transfer Requirements

Students must complete an Associate of Arts degree, meet the required grade point average (GPA), complete the required prerequisite courses, and meet the foreign language and immunization policies of the University of Florida before transferring.

  • Critical Tracking Courses

    Agricultural Operations Management – all areas of concentration

    Students MUST complete the following courses listed below, with a minimum grade of “C” (not a C-) in all courses prior to transferring to UF for Agricultural Operations Management.

    Required GPA = 2.0 overall and 2.0 in the following courses.

      Course Number Course Title Credit Hours (CH)

    Introduction to Financial Accounting

    4 CH

    General Biology 1 and Lab

    4 CH

    General Chemistry 1 and Lab

    4 CH


    3 CH

    Introduction to Statistics 1

    3 CH

    Survey of Calculus 1

    3 CH
    OR  MAC1147


    4 CH
    OR MAC1140 & MAC1114

    Precalculus Algebra and Trig

    6 CH

    The following courses listed below may be completed at the community/state college, but are not required for admission to the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences:

      Course Number Course Title Credit Hours (CH)
      PHY2004 Applied Physics 1 3 CH
    OR PHY2020 Introduction to Principles of Physics 3 CH
      ENC2210 Technical Writing 3 CH
      PSY2012 General Psychology 3 CH
      SPC2608 Introduction to Public Speaking 3 CH



The AOM program provides a solid foundation for management of technical assets, infrastructure, money, and personnel. Graduates become an integral part of profitable business operations such as building materials, environmental structures, citrus processing, and commercial nurseries.  Students also graduate with specialized skills including geographic information system (GIS), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), precision systems management, business and accounting, energy usage, utilities, sustainability, and construction.

  • Example Careers
    • Commercial Construction Manager
    • Farm or Ranch Manager
    • Heavy Equipment Sales and Management
    • Irrigation Specialist
    • Landscape Manager
    • Production Manager
    • Precision Ag Specialist
    • Sales Representative