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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Employer Information

The Agricultural and Biological Engineering department has a graduate that fits your needs! With three diverse undergraduate academic programs and a highly ranked graduate studies program, students are trained to meet real-world challenges in a variety of specializations. The department features state-of-the-art laboratories where students gain experience in real-world applications.

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

ABE students have the engineering skills to design and analyze:

  • Efficient irrigation and drainage systems for urban and agricultural lands.
  • Systems to minimize the impact of alternative land uses on water quality and ecological functions.
  • Structures and equipment for the production of plant, animal & other biological systems.
  • Processes for producing food, feed, fiber, fuels, and chemicals from renewable bio-resources

Agricultural Operations Management

Need employees trained to run a commercial business?

Our graduates are ready to get the job done! They have learned to incorporate today's emerging technology with business principles to improve structural systems, agricultural production, processing, manufacturing, technical sales, food safety, work safety, and the environment. Our students acquire technical and management skills in:

  • Construction and process systems
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Technical Sales
  • Environmental Systems

Packaging Engineering

Our graduates are trained to find real-world solutions to packaging challenges.

UF features one of the top Packaging Science degree programs in the nation. Students utilize computer design software and a variety of packaging machinery and equipment in our state-of-the-art pilot plant/laboratory. Students use research and development tools to find solutions to real packaging problems. Topics include:

  • Package design and decoration
  • Food packaging
  • Distribution and transport
  • Package production and processing
  • Marketing
  • Packaging Materials

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