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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Undergraduate Research

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Identifying causal relationships for land cover changes in Ghana using satellite remote sensing

Sirapoom Peanusaha
2nd Place, K.K. Barnes Student Paper Award Competition

This research aims to provide an effective land use planning framework to land managers in Ghana using satellite remote sensing and GIS-based analysis tools to meliorate land use planning in Ghana. Newly developed methodology was used in this study in four districts in Ghana to test its applicability and its potential to provide precursor of land cover change insight. According to the results of this study, land cover patterns have a significant impact on the comprehensive indicator.

Single-Use and Reusable Plastic Materials and Containers: A Survey of Agricultural Students’ Usage and Sentiments

Alex DiCairano
3rd Place, K.K. Barnes Student Paper Award Competition

This research focused on understanding student sentiment, usage, behavior, and familiarity at the University of Florida with single-use and reusable plastic containers after recent changes in local ordinances and policies. Most preferences towards reusable containers were revealed to be based on environmental concerns rather than socio-economic factors. Decreasing pollution and waste, environment protection, and wildlife protection were cited as the top three reasons for using reusable containers and materials.