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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

If you need IT assistance, please submit a new ABE IT support request by clicking the button below.

IT Support Form

Submitting a New Computer Request

If you would like to loan or purchase a PC, please select New Computer Request on the Requested Services field (pictured below). This form includes preference of operating system and software you would like installed before delivery.

A screenshot of the ABE IT support form, with

Submitting an Equipment Request

Please only use the Hardware option in the Requested Services field if the request is for a component or other miscellaneous technology. This may include webcams, keyboards, mice, monitors, etc. Please do not use this option if you are requesting a new computer system.

A screenshot of the ABE IT Support Form, with the

Using the Software Request Option

While completing the ABE IT Support request form, you will see the Software option in the Requested Services field. As shown below, selecting this option will spawn a new form field, asking whether the device is UF-owned (UF-funded) or personal (purchased with non-UF funds), the operating system of the device, and which software to install. Clicking on the drop-down menu next to Desired Software will show a list of commonly used software within ABE. If your desired software is not on this list, please select Other/Not Listed and specify your requested software and download link.

A screenshot of the ABE IT Support form with the Software option selected in Requested Services field. A list showing available software is expanded.