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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Certificate in Biological Systems Modeling

The Agricultural and Biological Engineering graduate studies program offers an opportunity for students to earn a certificate in biological systems modeling. Engineering and science graduate students and professionals will be trained to model a wide range of biological and environmental systems. A tiered course structure introduces students to conceptual modeling, model development and design with high-level programming languages, and an overview of the model application to simulation of biological systems.

A three-tier sequence of courses was devised based on the current catalog of courses with an emphasis on simulation/modeling. The three-tier sequence consists of two required courses followed by electives that can be selected according to the student's area of focus or interest. The first two courses introduce students to conceptual modeling, model development and design with high-level languages and an overview of the application of these tools to the simulation of agricultural and biological systems. After completion of the first two courses, the student must select two additional specialized courses (electives) selected according to the student's area of focus or interest across different disciplines (see below).

IMPORTANT: To enroll in this certificate, the student must apply online following the link below (and click to “Apply Here" in that page):

Please notice that no more than 50% of certificate coursework can be completed prior to submitting an application for the certificate program.

Please notify Daphne Flournoy ( after you complete the application so she can process your admission.


3-Tier Sequence of Courses

  • Tier 1 [Required]
    ABE 5643C: Biological Systems Modeling - Offered Every Fall Semester
  • Tier 2 [Required]
    ABE 6649C: Advanced Biological Systems Modeling - Offered Every Spring Semester
  • Tier 3 [Choose Two Courses]
    ABE 5646: Agricultural and Biological Systems Simulation
    ABE 5663: Applied Microbial Biotechnology
    ABE 6035: Advanced Remote Sensing: Science & Sensors
    ABE 6037C: Remote Sensing in Hydrology
    ABE 6254: Simulation of Agricultural Watershed Systems
    ABE 6265: Vadose Zone Water and Solute Transport Modeling
    ABE 6645C: Computer Simulation of Crop Growth and Management
    ABE 6840: Data Diagnostics
    ABE 5648: Modeling Coupled Natural-Human Systems
    STA 6703: Statistical Machine Learning
    ANS 6637: Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Pathogens in Food Systems
    CWR 6536: Stochastic Subsurface Hydrology
    FOR 6156: Simulation of Forest Ecosystems
    MAP 5489: Mathematical Modeling in Biology
    PKG 6100: Advanced Computer Tools for Packaging
    SWS 6813C: Modeling Land Biogeochemistry