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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

ABE Poster Symposium Archives - Graduate, 2022

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Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Fresh and Processed Spinach

Shreeja Sreekumar, Diana Diaz-Martinez

Advisors: Dr. Ziynet Boz, Dr. Ana Martin-Ryals

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Fe-modified Biochar Enhances Microbial Nitrogen Removal Capability of Constructed Wetland

Yicheng Yang, Wen Jia, Yulin Zheng, Jinsheng Huang, Yue Zhang

Advisor: Dr. Bin Gao

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Dairy Cattle Artificial Insemination Probability Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence

Pratiksha Pradeep Sharma

Advisors: Dr. Nikolay Bliznyuk, Dr. Albert De Vries

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Incorporating Dynamic Gene-Based Process Modules Into a Crop Simulation Model

Fabio A. A. Oliveira

Advisors: Dr. James Jones, Dr. Melanie Correll, Dr. Gerrit Hoogenboom

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2022 poster

Assessment of Soil Amendment Types and Rates for Reduced Turfgrass Irrigation

Ron Fox

Advisor: Dr. Eban Bean

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Simulating Nitrogen and Water Dynamics in a Rotational Production System

Bibek Acharya

Advisor: Dr. Vivek Sharma

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2022 Poster

Assessing the Impact of Agriculture Operations on Quality of Data from Sensor Arrays in a Controlled Environment Plant Production System

Jean Paul Pompeo

Advisors: Dr. Ziwen Yu, Dr. Ying Zhang

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Evaluating Machine Learning Techniques for Estimating Nutrient Concentrations in Streams and Hydroponic Systems Based On UV-Vis Absorption Spectroscopy

J. Barrett Carter

Advisors: Dr. Eban Bean, Dr. Aditya Singh

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