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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Awards and Funding Opportunities

  • Department Awards

    Department Awards

    Florida Section ASABE Scholarship
    Fund support scholarships for students in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering department.

    Rush Choate Endowed Scholarship
    Support scholarship for students pursuing a degree in Agriculture, Forest Resources, and Conservation or Agricultural Engineering.

    John B. Boy/US Sugar in Agricultural Engineering Fund GA
    Support annual scholarships in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering for students who are U.S. and Florida residents, needy and junior standing with a minimum GPA of 2.6. Recipients will be offered opportunities for cooperative employment during the Fall or Spring semester; employment after graduation.

    Taiwan R.O.C. Fund
    Support program in IFAS regarding application techniques relating to remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems, and Global Positioning Systems.

    Bob and Virginia Peart Scholarship
    Support scholarships to Agricultural Operations Management students only in Agricultural & Biological Engineering.

    Giles and Martha Van Duyne Scholarship
    Support scholarships for students in Ag and Bio Engineering.

    Sun-Fu "Tony" Shih Scholarship
    Support scholarships to Agricultural and Biological Engineering students at UF.

    Allen G. Smajstrla Scholarship
    Scholarship for undergraduate ABE or AOM students interested in water resources at UF.

    Michael V. Thomas Student Enrichment Endowment
    Support awards to upper-division undergrad/graduate students in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering for international learning in environmentally sound agriculture; 1) study abroad, 2) study tour, &/or 3) travel awards; must have at least two semesters of a foreign language, additional languages preferred.

    Packaging Education Forum Endowment
    Support Packaging Science program in IFAS Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering to attract and provide for a superior student to help carry fundamental research in Packaging Science and deliver educational programs that meet resident and industry standards.

  • College Awards