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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Dr. Eban Bean

Assistant Professor, Watershed Hydrology, Urban Stormwater Management
Professional Engineer (P.E.)

Dr. Eban Bean is an Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist of Urban Water Resources Engineering at the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, and is a faculty member in the Program for Resource Efficient Communities and the Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology.

Dr. Bean has been working in stormwater management and low-impact development for the past 15 years over which his research has focused on design and evaluation of stormwater control measures (SCMs) for retention and pollutant removal. Prior to his current position, he was an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at East Carolina University (2012-2016; Greenville, NC) where his research focused on stormwater impacts to urban streams and evaluation of stormwater retrofits to an urban university campus.

Dr. Bean is author or co-author of seven peer reviewed publications and two book chapters focused on stormwater management and water quality related topics. Dr. Bean is recognized as an expert in stormwater management, in particular performance and maintenance of permeable pavement systems, and has delivered workshops on the design and maintenance of various SCMs at local, state, and international conferences and meetings.

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2295 Mowry Road 

Mailing Address:
PO Box 110940
Gainesville, FL 32611