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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

How-To: ABE Room Reservation Calendar

ABE IT has built an updated self-serve reservations calendar for the conference rooms and bookable classrooms in the department. This calendar runs via the Office 365 suite Bookings application. Please note: If you require a reservation lasting longer than 2 hours, please e-mail Jessica Abbate ( specifying your needs.

To get started, you must be signed into your UFL account. 

If you would like a video demonstration, please click here.

A screenshot of the ABE Room Reservations booking calendar.

As shown in the image, upon opening the ABE Room Reservations calendar, a listing of all bookable rooms in the department is displayed. You will be selecting one of these rooms and the appropriate time allotment from this list. Please note that all room reservations are formatted by 1 hour, up to 2 hours for a single booking. If you require longer, please contact

Choosing Your Time Slot

Upon selecting a room and time allotment, you will be directed to the booking calendar. This will give you options for your reservation start time, and these times are generated with a lead time of 4 hours. So, for example, if at 8:30AM, a user is booking a reservation, they will see time slots starting at 12:30PM that day, if slots are available.

A screenshot of the ABE Room Reservations calendar view.

Adding Your Reservation Details

After selecting a time slot, please enter your name, UFL e-mail, and phone number (optional). You will then be asked whether you need an equipment loan. This may include extra display cables, A/V equipment, or charging cables. These items must be specified in the Notes prompt below. The Notes prompt is not to be used to ask for additional reservation time or assistance in setting up. 

If you require guidance on operating the equipment in your chosen reservation room, please submit an ABE IT Support Request, and a member from our team will set up a time ahead of the reservation to walk you through the process and operation of equipment.

A screenshot of the Details pane on the ABE Room Reservations Booking page, showing the prompt for the user's name, e-mail, phone number, and a drop-down asking if the user needs an equipment loan.

Once finished, please press the "Book" button at the bottom of the page, and you will be directed to a confirmation screen where you can edit your information or cancel the reservation.