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Program to calculate soil infiltration and redistribution during a series of storms for 1D (vertical) and 3D (point source, drip/trickle) using Muñoz-Carpena and Gowdish (2009, 2018) MGAR method. The program is written in fortran 90 and compiled with Fortran intel 2018 (note that incompatibilities with gfortran or gf95 might exist). Fortran source code, windows executables and sample files are included in the package.

Program Use

For Windows/DOS installations, unpack the contents of the ZIP package on a directory. The program (MGAR.exe) and sample files will be written into this directory. There is a makefile for UNIX compilation and a compile version (linux 64 and MacOS 64) is available from the authors upon request.

The type of problem to run (1D or 3D) is given as argument in the DOS or UNIX command line. A short description of the program use can be obtained by executing the program with no arguments:

  • > mgar <return>

To run the desired case you would type:

  • > mgar 1 <return>
  • or
  • > mgar 3 <return>

This will produce the program output files in the working directory (see below).


The program input file must be written in ASCII or text format (be sure to select this option when saving the file with the editor of your choice). See journal papers for additional details on the structure of the files and also in the notes inside the program package (PDF).

a) 1D case

  • Soil_In.txt: Input file, Soil MGAR 1D parameters
  • Rain_In.txt: Input file, Rainfall time series. Units: Length [cm], Timestep [h].
  • 1DInfilOutput.txt: Output file from 1D case
  • Other files not used (deprecated). They will be cleaned up in a future release

b) 3D case

  • Soil_In3D.txt: Input file, Soil MGAR 3D parameters and multistorm time series. Units: Length [cm], Timestep [h].
  • 3DInfilOutput.txt: Output file from 3D case
  • Other files not used (deprecated). They will be cleaned up in a future release

Program License

This program is distributed as Freeware/Public Domain under the terms of GNU-License. If the program is found useful the authors ask that acknowledgment to the References listed below is given to its use in any ensuing publications and the authors notified.

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  • Gowdish, L. and R. Muñoz-Carpena. 2018. 3DMGAR: A transient quasi-3D point source Green-Ampt infiltration and redistribution model. Vadose Zone J. 17:180032. doi:10.2136/vzj2018.02.0032
  • Gowdish, L. and R. Muñoz-Carpena. 2009. An improved Green-Ampt infiltration on and redistribution method for uneven multistorm series. Vadose Zone J. 8(2):470-479. doi:10.2136/vzj2008.0049

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