University of FloridaDepartment of Agricultural & Biological Engineering



These programs have been developed for research and teaching purposes. They are distributed "as is", with no warranty. If any of the programs are found useful, the authors ask that acknowledgment be given to its use in any resulting publication and that the authors be notified.

    - Program for objective assessment of model goodness-of-fit with statistical signifficance.
  • PDunne
    - Soil-saturated hydraulic conductivity calculation with the Philip-Dunne permeameter.
    - Vegetative Filter Strip Modeling System.
  • HPC - Global Sensitivity Analysis (GSUA)
    - HPC scripts for GSUA in the UF HPC Hipergator (SLURM linux compatible).
  • VGPest3
    - Program to fit van Genuchten's curve to experimental soil moisture retention data.
  • WinGAmpt
    - A Windows based teaching tool for Green-Ampt Infiltration for Unsteady Rainfall Model.
    - A Fortran comand line program to calculate infiltration for soils bounded by a shallow water table.
  • Morris SU sampling
    - A Matlab code for improved input factor sampling for Morris (elementary effect) global sensitivity analysis.
  • MGAR 1D/3D
    - A fortran program to calculate soil infiltration and redistribution from a series of storms using the MGAR method for 1D (vertical flow) and 3D (point source) conditions.
  • Programas de Cálculo para Riego Localizado
    - Drip Irrigation Design Suite (in Spanish)