University of FloridaDepartment of Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Biocomplexity Engineering group seminars

Spring 2017 Schedule
Tuesdays 11:30 am-12:30 pm, Rogers 284 (Hydrological Modeling Lab).

Seminars contact: Ismael Rodea-Palomares




Jorge Barreda

Assistant Professor,  Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UFL

Optimal Decision Making to minimize the Stress on Natural Resources


Peter R. Waylen

Professor of Geography
Associate Dean, CLAS, UFL

Hydro-climatic variability in the Mweru basin in Zambia and its potential impacts on fish populations in Lake Mweru


Rafael Muñoz-Carpena

Professor,  Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UFL

Trends in Scientific Publishing: Notes from Elsevier's Global Editors Meeting, Boston, 2016



David Hanson

Director & Modeler, HansonRM (Canada)

Addressing Connections and Connectivity in Ecosystem Management and Restoration in Complex Settings



Wendy D. Graham

UF Water Institute Director. Professor,  Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UFL

A year at NSF: experiences and lessons learned


Peter C. Frederick

Research Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, UFL

Restoring highly degraded oyster reef chains and their ecological services in the Big Bend of Florida


Don Blancher

Supervisory Coastal Scientist
Moffatt & Nichol

AQUATOX: An Ecosystem Model System for Evaluating Multiple Environmental Stressors


Laura Spears

MSLIS, PhD. Assessment Librarian.University of Florida. George A. Smathers Libraries

Agriculture Sciences and Research Support Services: Practices and Opportunities for UF Agriculture Scholars



Ray Huffaker

Professor,  Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UFL

Understanding of Non-Linear Time Series analyses and their limitations


Peter Sucsy

Senior Engineer Scientist, Bureau of Watershed Management & Modeling.  St. Johns River Water Management District

Eutrophication Modeling to Restore Water Quality of the St. Johns River, FL


Thomas T. Ankersen, J.D.

Legal Skills Professor & Director, Conservation Clinic & Costa Rica Program, University of Florida Levin College of Law.

The Green Republic? Costa Rica as a Laboratory for Sustainable Development Policy Experimentation


Rachata Muneepeerakul

Associate Professor,  Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UFL

Dynamic modeling in Socio-Hydrology: New and Interesting Results



Matteo Convertino

Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, Div. Environmental Health Sciences, University of Minnesota Twin-Cities

The population connectome: actioning information for designing patterns


Michael D. Annable

Professor, Environmental Engineering and Science, UFL

Contaminant transport in sediments


Natalie Nelson

PhD Candidate,  Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UFL

Geraldine Klarenberg

PhD Candidate,  Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UFL

Explanatory modeling of long-term cyanobacteria genera dynamics in Lake George (Lower St. Johns River)

Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of a mechanistic vegetation dynamics model, applied to a disturbed area in the Southwestern Amazon


Qian Zhao

Visiting Scholar, School of Hydrology, Hohai University, China

Marco Pazmino

PhD Student,  Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UFL

Ecological Risk Assessment of Pesticides through mechanistic modeling


Link-node hydrological modeling of the complex water-subsidized Tempisque/Palo Verde watershed (Costa Rica)



Denis Ribeiro do Valle

Assistant Professor

Pedro Alburquerque

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ecological Statistics & Environmental Drivers of Tropical Diseases, The School of Forest Resources & Conservation, University of Florida

Novel formulations and applications of the Latent Dirichlet Allocation model to environmental sciences


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