University of FloridaDepartment of Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Biocomplexity Engineering group seminars

Fall 2020 Schedule
Tuesdays 2:00 -3:00 pm.
IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19, all seminar will be virtual at this ZOOM link.

Seminars Coordinator: Taisha Venort




Lory Willard

Ph.D. student, UF ABE

Quantifying the effects of sustainable intensification practices on streamflow and wildlife: A case study in Laikipia, Kenya


Christophe Darnault

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering & Earth Sceinces, Clemson University, SC

Flow and transport in agroecosystems and the natural environment: advances and applications in soil, water, energy and food systems


Rafael Muñoz-Carpena

Professor, UF ABE

Advances in modeling pesticide mitigation with vegetative filter strips for the regulatory process


François Birgand

Associate Professor, Biological & Agricultural Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh

What we have learned studying the effects of drying and rewetting cycles on denitrification and greenhouse gas emissions in woodchip bioreactors



David Kane

Environmental Exposure Modeller, Knoell Iberia, Spain

Pesticide environmental exposure modeling and runoff mitigation in the European Union


Kathe Todd-Brown

Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences, UF

Soil data harmonization, a human problem


Ziwen Yu

Assistant Professor, Big Data, UF/ABE

Model the future climate change impact on precipitation driven by the physical concepts seen from data


Nathan Reaver

Postdoctoral Researcher, UF Watershed Ecology Lab, ESSIE, UF

Uncovering drivers of spring discharge dynamics



Alvaro Carmona-Cabrero

Ph.D. student, UF ABE

Global sensitivity analysis for agent based models: application to a proof-of-concept migration model


Edwin Mosimanyana

Ph.D. student, UF ABE

Ecohydrological response of a semi-arid river basin to changes in climate and land use

Gonzalo Suarez

Postdoctoral Researcher, UF ABE

Migration responses to sudden shock vs gradual change: an exploration in a minimalistic model


Jane Southworth

Professor, UF Geography

Interdisciplinary research in social-ecological systems: challenges and examples across savanna systems in Africa



Rachata Muneepeerakul

Associate Professor, UF ABE

On modeling human migration and environmental change


Savannah Morgan

Ph.D. Student, UF ABE

Detecting spatial patterns in longitudinal rills using nonlinear time series analysis

Woi Sok

Ph.D. Candidate, UF ABE

It matters “How”, not just "What", factors are included: a case study of a migration agent-based model


Lucie Guertault

Assistant Professor, Biological & Agricultural Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh

Numerical Modeling of Preferential Subsurface Flow in Riparian Buffers: model evaluation and in-situ quantification


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