University of FloridaDepartment of Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Biocomplexity Engineering group seminars

Spring 2024 Schedule
Tuesdays 2:00 -3:00 pm.
Hybrid sessions: Please come in-person for coffee and cookies at Frazier Rogers Hall 284 (Hydrological Modeling Lab), or virtual at this ZOOM link.

Seminars Coordinator: J. Adam Howe, Ph.D. student




Rafael Muñoz-Carpena

Professor, UF/ABE, USA

Quantification of field pesticide surface runoff from high-precision field spot pesticide applications


Hiba Baroud

Associate Professor and Assoc. Chair, Vanderbilt University, Civil & Environmental Engineering, USA

A data-driven approach to assess the impact of climate change on the agriculture sector in Jordan


Clint Willson

Interim Dean, Louisiana State University/CCE and Mike N. Dooley Professor, LSU/ CEE, USA

Education, Outreach and Research at the LSU Center for River Studies



Olga Shashkina

PhD Student, UF/ABE, USA

Impact of Russia-Ukraine War on Global Food Security and the Resilience of Agri-Food Systems


Kalindhi Larios

Post-Doc Researcher, UF/ABE, USA

A mechanistic approach to model contamination of leafy greens by Escherichia coli during pre-harvest conditions


Armen Kemanian

Professor of Production Systems and Modeling, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Cycles-L: A Coupled, 3-D, Land Surface, Hydrologic, and Agroecosystem Landscape Model


Bedir Tekinerdogan

Professor, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Architecture design of digital ecosystems for smart farming



Willingthon Pavan

Assistant Professor, UF/ABE, USA

Climate Change and Its Effects on Crop Disease Susceptibility


Lei Wu

Associate Professor, Ohio University/CEE, USA

New insights on the formation of aggregates of bidisperse microplastics in water based on analysis of in-situ microscopy


Robin Sur

Environmental Safety Assessment & Strategy, Bayer, Monheim, Germany

Monitoring and Modelling of Pesticides in Surface Water Catchments


Antarpreet Jutla

Associate Professor, UF/ESSIE, USA

Decoupling complexities of water-pathogen systems



Haimanote Bayabil

Assistant Professor of Water Resources, UF/ABE, USA

Simulating Hydrologic Dynamics in Calcareous Soils with a Surficial Aquifer System


Casey Miller

Okun Distinguished Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill, USA

Combining Theory and Computation to Advance the Modeling of Two-Fluid Flow in Porous Medium Systems


Nithya Rajan

Professor, Soil Crop Science,Texas A&M University, USA

Nitrogen-Smart Crops for Tackling the Nitrous Oxide and Water Quality Problems Due to Agriculture


Noureddine Kouaissah

Professor, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University - Rabat, Morocco

Modeling De novo Programming within Simon’s Satisficing Theory: Methods and Application to the Renewable Energy Sector


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