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2023 ASABE Rally

2023 ASABE Rally

2023 ASABE Rally Tours

A photo of a field at the Citra research center with an ORGANIC AREA sign in the foreground.

Plant Science Research and Education Unit - Citra, FL

The Plant Science Research and Education Unit (PSREU) serves University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) faculty with the infrastructure needed to conduct diverse row and specialty crop research projects, facilitate hands-on classes, and host thousands of visitors in outreach events.
- 1,086 total acres
- approximately 700 acres of cultivatable land
- just a 30-minute drive from the UF campus in Gainesville
- 26 staff members employed on site
A person addressing an audience in their lab in building Frazier Rogers Hall.

Frazier Rogers Labs

For this tour, we will be visiting the Frazier Rogers building labs and learning more about each lab's facilities. We will also be learning more about graduate students' research projects.

More About the Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department
The University of Florida's Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering is founded on developing, teaching, and applying engineering principles to improve and sustain agricultural and biological systems for current and future generations.