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Guido Mueller's Profile

Profile Photo Name: Guido Mueller

Title: Professor

Dept/Unit: Physics

Education: PhD, Quantum Optics, Laser Interferometry, University of Hannover, Germany

Address: Department of Physics 2001 Museum Drive Gainesville, FL 32611-8440


Telephone: (352) 392-8521   

I work on laser interferometric gravitational wave detectors. Our goal is to detect gravitational waves from mergers between neutron stars and black holes.
For that purpose, we measure dynamic distance changes at the sub-attometer scale in the audio band and at the sub-pm scale in the mHz band with laser interferometer.


Platforms: Ground Based
Sensors: Optical, Near Infrared (NIR)
Controls and Communications: Attitude and Jitter, Stabilization
Applications: Astronomy, Other Applications, Astrophysics, Fundamental Physics