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Dapeng Oliver Wu's Profile

Profile Photo Name: Dapeng Oliver Wu

Title: Professor

Dept/Unit: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Education: PhD, Image processing, computer vision, machine learning, communication, Carnegie Mellon University

Address: NEB 431


Telephone: (352) 392-4954   


Video Coding, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Medical Imaging/Bioimaging:
Explore three basic problems: imaging, compression, image understanding/interpretation


Platforms: Satellite, Airborne, Ground Based
Sensors: Optical, Near Infrared (NIR), Infrared (IR), Radio Frequency (RF), Active, Passive
Controls and Communications: Wireless Networks, Sensor Network Procols, Coverage, Connectivity, and Longevity, Energy and Resource Management
Data Collection and Processing: Image Processing, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Information Theory, Spatio-Temporal Analyses, Spectral Mixing and Clustering
Applications: Biomedical, Military