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Eric McLamore's Profile

Profile Photo Name: Eric McLamore

Title: Assistant Professor

Dept/Unit: Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Education: PhD, Biosensors, nanotechnology, cell/tissue physiology, Univ of Florida

Address: 1741 Museum Rd, Rogers Hall Bldg 474


Telephone: (352) 392-1864   Ext: 105


My research focuses on:
1-fundamental interactions between small molecules, nanomaterials, and biological macromolecules
2-design, building, and testing biosensors
3-application of biosensors in field and laboratory research


Platforms: Ground Based
Sensors: Optical, Other Sensors
Data Collection and Processing: Image Processing, Other Data Collection and Processing
Applications: Agriculture, Biomedical, Ecology, Forestry, Hydrology, Military, Oceanography, Urban, electrochemical, signal to noise filtering