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Janise Mcnair's Profile

Profile Photo Name: Janise Mcnair

Title: Associate Professor

Dept/Unit: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Education: PhD, Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Address: PO Box 116130; Gainesville, FL 32611

Email: m c n a i r (at) e c e (dot) u f l (dot) e d u

Telephone: (352) 392-2629   


Janise McNair is director of the Wireless And Mobile (WAM) Systems Laboratory, which conducts studies on next generation computer networking and communications for a variety of systems, including infra-structured wireless local area and wide area networks, sensor networks, ad hoc networks, and special studies networks (small satellites, avionic). Particular emphasis has been on development and analysis of protocols for routing, data delivery, medium access control, security, and mobility management.


Platforms: Satellite, Airborne, Ground Based
Controls and Communications: Wireless Networks, Sensor Network Procols, Coverage, Connectivity, and Longevity, Energy and Resource Management
Data Collection and Processing: Other Data Collection and Processing
Applications: Agriculture, Astronomy, Biomedical, Ecology, Forestry, Geography, Geology, Hydrology, Land Use/Land Cover (LULC), Meteorology/Climatology, Military, Oceanography, Wetlands, Urban, localization and aggregation