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Henry Percival's Profile

Profile Photo Name: Henry Percival

Title: Courtesy Asso Professor

Dept/Unit: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Education: PhD, Zoology, Clemson University

Address: FL Coop Unit,PO BOX 110485 GAINESVILLE FL 326110485


Telephone: (352) 846-0543   


I am Unit Leader of the FL Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit whose mission is wetlands ecology met via research, graduate education and technical assistance. I have a personal history of working with a variety of wetland wildlife species including the American alligator. In the past 12 years I have worked with an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers within UF and USGS to develop a small unmanned aircraft system designed specifically for assessing wildlife populations and habitats. The system, Nova 2.1, has capabilities for many other civilian appllications including agriculture.


Platforms: Satellite, Airborne, Ground Based
Sensors: Optical, Near Infrared (NIR), Infrared (IR), Other Sensors
Controls and Communications: Energy and Resource Management
Data Collection and Processing: Image Processing, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Spatio-Temporal Analyses
Applications: Agriculture, Ecology, Forestry, Land Use/Land Cover (LULC), Wetlands, multispectral