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Jasmeet Judge's Profile

Profile Photo Name: Jasmeet Judge

Title: Associate Professor

Dept/Unit: Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Education: PhD., Electrical Engineering and Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences, University of Michigan

Address: 275 Frazier Rogers Hall


Telephone: (352) 392-1864   Ext: 299

Dr. Judge specializes in microwave remote sensing with applications to agriculture and hydrology; bio-physical modeling of water and energy fluxes at the land surface. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in remote sensing.Dr. Judge's research projects involve using remote sensing observations to improve estimates of water and energy fluxes in hydrologic and crop growth models through model integration and data assimilation.


Platforms: Ground Based
Sensors: Radio Frequency (RF), Active, Passive
Data Collection and Processing: Spatio-Temporal Analyses
Applications: Agriculture, Hydrology, Meteorology/Climatology