University of Florida

CRS Affiliate Faculty Poster Symposium - November 14, 2014

2014 Remote Sensing Poster Symposium

A Poster Symposium and a Wine & Cheese Reception was held in the New Physics Building for the CRS Affiliate Faculty (CRS-AF), as recommended during the first CRS Annual meeting. The purpose of this informal event was to exchange ideas for unique collaborations among the CRS-AF. During the Symposium, 28 attendees came together to showcase their research programs and learn more about various RS-related programs at UF, while enjoying good food!

Posters Presented:

Michael Binford Building Forest Management Into Earth System Modeling:
Scaling from Stand to Continent.
Stephanie Bohlman Dynamics of Forest Landscapes: Integrating Remote Sensing, Field Data and Modeling
Reza Ehsani Disease and Pest Detection Using Low-altitude Remote Sensing and UAS
Steve Eikenberry VI/IR Sensors
Paul Gader Algorithms
Jasmeet Judge Remote Sensing in Agricultural Hydrology
Xiaolin "Andy" Li Scalable Software Systems Laboratory
Creating Future Cloud, Smart Life, and Big Data Ecosystems Today
Corene Matyas Measuring Spatio‐temporal Patterns of Three‐dimensional Structures of
Convective Rainbands in Land‐falling Tropical Cyclones
Eric McLamore Examples of Biosensors
Janise McNair Delay Tolerant Networking CubeSats
Guido Mueller Laser Interferometry for Gravitational Wave Searches
Anand Rangarajan Spatiotemporal Machine Learning for Remote Sensing and Other Applications (Accompanying PPT)
Sanjay Ranka
Scot Smith An Unmanned Aircraft System for Natural Resources: A University of Florida Interdisciplinary Program
Ben Wilkinson
Katie Stofer Visualizing Data for Stakeholders from Varying Backgrounds
Dapeng Oliver Wu Ripplet: a New Transform for Feature Extraction and Image Representation


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