Dr. Kati Migliaccio

Water Conservation

Professional Engineer (P.E.)

Kati Migliaccio describes her professional focus as "all about water conservation, whether quality or quantity, and identifying realistic and sustainable solutions." Water is the main character in a sustainability drama currently playing out in Florida and worldwide. Engineering principles can be applied to better manage water to meet growing population needs under increasing water supply uncertainty. Migliaccio works in different types of systems, including agricultural, natural, and urban.

Migliaccio has tackled the problem of growing water demands from several angles, focusing primarily on hydrology and water management. One part of her program consists of monitoring different aspects of hydrology and using this information in simulation models to explore scenarios and select optimum solutions. She also collaborates with weather and climate experts to use data resources to aid in water decision making. Another part of Migliaccio’s programs includes conducting field trials to test different technologies or practices that showed promise in modeling scenarios. Example technologies, such as smart feedback systems or best management practices, investigated in field trials provide evidence of real world potential outcomes on water use efficiency and/or downstream water quality. Migliaccio’s program also collaborates with many different disciplines as water challenges often are complex problems that require a variety of scientific expertise.

Research and Extension

  • Water Conservation
  • Hydrology
  • Irrigation in Agricultural, Natural, and Urban Systems

Kati Migliaccio - Chair and Professor