Ph.D. Dissertations

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Abdulridha, Jaafar 2016 Ehsani
Detection of Laurel Wilt Disease for Avocado Trees Using Multispectral Imaging and a Spectrodiometer
Chen, Nusheng 2016 Tong
Preparation and Synthesis of Cellulose-Based Functional Materials
Demirbas, Ayse 2016 Welt
Red Cabbage Extract as a Natural Antioxidant with Application to Packaged Fresh Tilapia and Enhancement of Silver and Iron Nanoparticles
Fang, June 2016 Gao
Production, Characterization, and Environmental Applications of Engineered Carbons Derived from Hydrothermal Carbonization of Biomass
Henson, Wesley 2016 Graham
Hydrogeologic and Biogeochemical Heterogeneity across Spatiotemporal Scales Fluxes, Flowpaths and Nitrogen Transformations in an Eogenetic Karst Aquifer
Maleski, Jerome 2016 Martinez Hydrologic Trends and Predictions for the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa and Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basins
Raymundo, Rubi 2016 Asseng Analysis of the Potato Production under Climate Change through Crop Modeling
Watson, Jonathan 2016 Bucklin
Creating Successful Farm to School Programs in Florida : A Countywide Feasibility Study of Direct Procurement
Burrs, Stephanie 2015 McLamore
Development of Platinum Graphene Nanocomposite Biosensors for Amperometric Sensing
You, Kyusuk 2015 Burks
Design of a Robotic Vacuum Gripper for Harvesting Citrus Fruit and an Optimal Vacuum Controller Using Theoretical Model of the Vacuum Grasp
Vanegas Gamboa, Diana 2015 McLamore
Nanomaterial Mediated Biosensors for Agricultural and Food Safety Applications
Zhang, Li 2015 Correll
Developing A Gene-Based Ecophysiology Model for the Common Bean: Incorporating QTLs in Models for Early Phenotypic Traits
Abdellatief, Ayman 2014 Welt
Performance Characterization of Dynamic Accumulation Method for Measuring the Oxygen Transmission Rate of Polymer Films Using Fluorescence Oxygen Detection
Al-Dosary, Naji 2014 Burks
Development of a Self-Propelled Citrus Canopy Shaker for Harvesting Semi-Dwarfed High Density Plantings
Buxy, Samriddhi 2014 Pullammanappallil
Techniques to Enhance Methane Production from Terrestrial (Sugarbeet) and Algal (Nannochloropsis Oculata) Biomass
Chaturvedi, Prachee 2014 McLamore
Development of Sensors for Monitoring Oxygen and Free Radicals in Plant Physiology
Davis, Stacia 2014 Dukes
Effectiveness of Smart Controllers for Water Conservation in Residential Irrigation
Khare, Yogesh 2014 Martinez Hydrologic and Water Quality Model Reliability With Global Sensitivity Analysis : Improvements and Applications
Khedher Agha, Mahnmoud 2014 Lee
Detection and Protection of Triticale Seed from Infestation in a Storage System
Moreira, Cesar 2014 Pullammanappallil
Development of an Integrated Algal Bio-Refinery for Extracellular biomaterial and Biofuel Production
Nguyen, Tahn 2014 Migliaccio
Combining Hydrologic Modeling and Economic Factors to Optimize Water Management for a Vietnamese Wetland System
Ni, Zhijiang 2014 Burks
Three Dimensional Reconstruction of Tree Canopy Using Machine Vision
Pourreza, Alireza 2014 Lee
Citrus Huanglongbing Disease Identification using Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Ramirez Rodrigues, Melissa 2014 Asseng
More for Less Using Seasonal Climate Forecasting for Wheat Cropping
Saber, Mazin 2014 Lee
Development of an Automated Mechanical Weed Control System for Intra-Row Weeds in Vegetable Row Crops
Shula, Asmita 2014 Shukla
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Treatment by Agricultural Stormwater Detention Areas in the Everglades Watershed : Estimation, Enhancement, and Economics
Tian, Di 2014 Martinez
Improving Medium-Range and Seasonal Hydroclimate Forecasts in the Southeast USA
Wang, Letian 2014


Polymer Composites Reinforced by Inorganic Nanoparticles and Lignocellulose
Wu, Chinlung 2014 Shukla
Effects of Water Retention on the Water Dynamics of Wetlandupland Systems on the Ranchlands in the Lake Okeechobee Watershed, Florida
Zhang, Ming 2014 Gao
Preparation and Characterization of Nanostructured Functional Carbon Materials and Their Environmental Applications
Diltz, Robert 2013 Pullammanappallil Effects of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles on the Overall Lifecycle Benefits of Using Algal Biomass for Alternative Energy Production in Remote Locations
Inyang, Mandu 2013 Gao Engineered biochars for the removal of metallic, organic and emerging contaminants from aqueous solutions
Jones, Curtis 2013 Fraisse Assessing Efficiencies in Vegetable Production : Hydrologic Modeling of Soil-Water Dynamics and Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Kisekka, Isaya 2013


Modeling Influences of Canal Stage Raises on Groundwater and Soil Water in the C-111 Basin of South Florida
Liu, Pang-Wei 2013 Judge Integration of Active and Passive Microwave Signatures for Characterization of Soil Properties
Rooney, Robert 2013 Martinez Finding Physical Connections in a Statistical Model : Using Global Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis on a Multiple Predictor Analog Methodology for Downscling and Bias Correcting Precipitation Forecasts
Srivastava, Vibhava 2013 Graham Geologic, Vegetative and Climatic Controls on Coupled Hydrologic Processes in a Complex River Basin : Lessons Learned From a Fully Integrated Hydrologic Model
Wangusi, Nathan 2013 Kiker
Investigating the Relationship of Scale and Resilience in Integrated Water Resource Management in the Crocodile River, South Africa
Wu, Lei 2013 Muñoz-Carpena Filtration and Transport of Colloids and Nanopaticles in Dense Emergent Vegetation : Theory, Experiments, and Modeling
Yang, Ce 2013 Lee, Won Suk Spectral Analysis and Multispectral/Hyperspectral Imaging to Detect Blueberry Fruit Maturity Stages for Early Blueberry Yield Estimation
Yao, Ying 2013 Gao Sorption of Nutrients and Antibiotics on Biochar and Its Environmental Implications
Dzotsi, Kofikuma 2012 Jones Rainfall variability effects on aggregate crop model predictions
Mooney, Barrett 2012 Porter Moisture Transport in Ventilated Attic Spaces for Hot-Humid Climates
Tian, Yuan 2012 Gao Transport and environmental applications of carbon nanotubes in porous media
Cathey, Anna 2011 Muñoz-Carpena/Kiker Hydrology and fish population dynamics in the Okavango Basin : managing for uncertainty in a data poor environment
Dourte, Daniel 2011 Haman Cropping systems for groundwater security in India : groundwater responses to agricultural land management
Haley, Melissa Baum 2011 Dukes Irrigation conservation technology effectiveness and behavior of the domestic irrigator
Hwang, Syewoon 2011 Graham/Martinez Dynamical and statistical downscaling of climate information and its hydrologic implications over west-central Florida
Lagerwall, Gareth 2011 Kiker Modeling typha domingensis in an everglades wetland
Larbi, Peter 2011 Salyani Development of a model to predict spray deposition in air-carrier sprayer applications
Robbins, John 2011 Leary/Lehtola Risk and safety analysis for Florida commercial aerial application operations
Yu, Congrong 2011 Muñoz-Carpena/Gao Colloid transport in surface runoff through dense vegetation
Zhuoli, Tian 2011 Pullammanappallil Anaerobic digestion of biofuel production residues
Ziemba, Lukasz 2011 Beck Information retrieval with concept discovery in digital collections for agriculture and natural resources
Amador, Cecilia 2010 Bucklin/Emond Development of radio frequency identification (RFID) temperature tracking systems for food supply chains
Bean, Eban 2010 Dukes Evaluation of retention basins and soil amendments to improve stormwater management in Florida
Drannbauer, Edward 2010 Lehtola An analysis of real estate transactions and socioeconomic variables on agricultural lands in Polk County, Florida
Hemant, Gohil 2010 Correll Gas exchange and acclimation of radish in reduced pressure environments
Kaplan, David 2010 Muñoz-Carpena Linking river, floodplain, and vadose zone hydrology in a coastal wetland impacted by saltwater intrusion : the loxahatchee river (Florida, USA)
Keener, Victoria 2010 Jones Hydro-climatic influences of el-nino/southern oscillation on nutrient loads in the southeast United States
Laniel, Magalie 2010 Bucklin/Emond Exploratory study of RFID applications for air cargo operations
Muller, Stuart 2010 Muñoz-Carpena Adaptive spatially-distributed water-quality modeling : an application to mechanistically simulate phosphorus conditions in the variable-density surface waters of coastal everglades wetlands
Pathak, Tapan 2010 Jones, J. Cotton yield forecasting for the southeastern United States
Pelletier, William 2010 Chau/Bucklin Air transport of horticultural products : a thermal analysis
Pérez Ovilla, Oscar 2010 Muñoz-Carpena Modeling runoff pollutant dynamics through vegetative filter strips : a flexible numerical approach
Zajac, Zuzanna 2010 Muñoz-Carpena Global sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of spatially distributed watershed models
Hendricks, Gregory 2009 Shukla Monitoring and modeling the effects of water and nutrient BMPs on water quality and crop production under shallow water table environments
He, Jianqiang 2008 Dukes Best Management Practice Development with the CERES-Maize Model for Sweet Corn Production in North Florida
Liu, Wei 2008 Pullammanappallil/Teixeira Enhancement of Anaerobic Digestion of Solid Wastes by Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment
Peddie, Brian 2008 Leary/Lehtola Grounded Theory of Florida Aquarium Retailers' Acceptance of the Glofish
Subramanian, Vijay 2008 Burks/Lee Autonomous Vehicle Guidance for Citrus Grove Navigation
Vargas Delgado, Luis Fernando 2008 Welt Effect of Pre-Treatments on the Kinetics of Subsequent Aerobic and Anaerobic Biodegradation of Polylactic Acid (PLA)
Badal, Rohit 2007 Beck Developing Educational Materials in Bioprocessing Using an Ontology Database Management System
Gowdish, Leslie 2007 Muñoz-Carpena An improved Green-AMPT Soil Infiltration and Redistribution Method and Its Application to 1-Dimensional and Quasi 3-Dimensional (point source) Flow Domains
Koo, Jawoo 2007 Jones Estimating Soil Carbon Sequestration in Ghana
Pandey, Vibhuti 2007 Kiker/shukla Analysis and Modeling of Cattle Distribution in Complex Agro-Ecosystems of South Florida
Scarlatos, Amber 2007 Welt Random Cortical Networks Grown on Microelectrode Arrays as Cell-Based Biosensors for Neurotoxins as Demonstrated by Botulinum Toxin Type A
Clements, Randy 2006 Balaban Development of An Ohmic Thawing Apparatus for Accurate Measurement of Electrical Resistance
Cornejo, Camilo 2006 Haman An Irrigation Ontology and Its Use for Localized, Illustration-Based Educational Materials
Cugati, Sharath 2006 Miller/Schueller Dynamic Modeling, Control,and Verification for Citrus Variable-Rate Technology Fertilization
Flood, Samuel 2006 Burks Design of a Robotic Citrus Harvesting End Effector and Force Control Model Using Physical Properties and Harvesting Motion Tests
Hublitz, Inka 2006 Bucklin Heat and Mass Transfer of a Low Pressure Mars Greenhouse Simulation and Experimental Analysis
Min, Min 2006 Lee Spectral-Based Nitrogen Sensing for Citrus
Sivaraman, Babu 2006 Burks Design and Development of a Robot Manipulator for Citrus Harvesting
Tien, Kai Jen Calvin 2006 Judge Linking Changes in Dynamic Cotton Canopy to Passive Microwave Remote Sensing
Yang, Lei 2006 Graham/Campbell Coupled Simulation Modeling of Flatwoods Hydrology, and Nutrient and Vegetation Dynamids
Kim, Soonho 2005 Beck Using a Crop-Pest Ontology to Facilitate LimageRetrieval
Mu, Yang 2005 Bucklin/leary A Distributed Control System for Low Pressure Plant Growth Chambers
Nogueira, Luis 2005 Haman/Dukes Ebb and Flow System Versus Overhead Sprinkler and Microirrigation for Container-Grown Woody Ornamental Production in Florida
Sevier, Brian 2005 Lee Precision Farming Technology Adoption in Florida Citrus Production a Survey and Analysis, Case Study, and Theoretical Review
Wilkerson, Erin 2005 Bucklin Plant Evapotranspiration in a Greenhouse on Mars
Brock, Kelly 2004 Overman Extended Logistic Model of Crop Response to Applied Nutrients
Carvalho, Victor 2004 Bucklin Effects of Trimming on Dairy-Cow Hoof-Pressure Distributional and Weight-Bearing Dynamics During Stance Phase
Abdel Hadi, Ali Ismail 2003 Bucklin Experimental and Theoretical Formulation of constitutive laws for particulate materials
Ferreyra, Rafael 2003 Jones Knowledge-Based Techniques for Parameterizing Spatial Biophysical Models
Genovese, Claudia 2003 Bucklin Mechanical Behavior of Particulate Systems : Experiments and Modeling
Liu, Siqing 2003 Graham Modeling and Stochastic Analysis of Coupled Overland and Vadoxe Zone Flow
Messina, Carlos 2003 Jones Gene-Based Systems Approach to Simulate Soybean Growth and Development and Application to Ideotype Design in Target Environments
Moody, Vertigo 2003 Teixeira/Smerage Thermal Inactivation Kinetics of Escherichia Coli and Alicyclobacillus Acidoterrestris in Orange Juice
Porter, Wendell 2003 Bucklin MoistureTransport in Attic Spaces Located in Hot-Humid Climates
Zhang, Haoxian 2003 Balaban Predicting Spice Mixture Composition: Comparing Electronic Nose, Gas Chromatography,and Sensory Methods
Irmak, Suat 2002 Haman New Irrigation-Plant Production System for Water Conservation in Ornamental Nurseries
Irmak, Ayse 2002 Jones Linking Multiple Layers of Information for Understanding Soybean Yield Variability
Kebeli, Volkan 2002 Bucklin Determining Pressure Coefficients Due to Wind Loading on Grain bins
Melesse, Assefa 2002 Graham Spatially Distributed Storm Runoff Modeling Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
Royce, Frederick 2002 Jones A Systems Approach to Enso-Based Crop Management with Applications in Argentina, Costa Rica and Mexico
Scholtz III, Richard 2002 Overman Mathematical Modeling of Agronomic Crops : Analysis of Nutrient Removal and Dry Matter Accumulation
Craig, John 2001 Jordan Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Techniques for Vegetation Stress Detection
Juan, Chung 2001 Sain Application of Remote Sensing Techniques at Different Scales of Observation on Wetland Evapotranspiration
Braga, Ricardo 2000 Jones Predicting the Spatial Pattern of Grain Yield Under Water Limiting Conditions
Chan, Chee Wan 2000 Miller Integrated Analysis of GPS,GIS,and Machine Dynamic Response in Precision Liquid Fertilizer Application
Erdogdu, Ferruh 2000 Balaban Simultaneous Optimization of Quality Retention in Conduction-Heated Foods of Different Geometries
Rosa, Jadir Aparecido 2000 Campbell Modeling Water Table Response to Subirrigation with a Buried Microirrigation Line Source for Potato Production
Yeon, Jeman 2000 Shaw A Seed Transport and Delivery Mechanism for the Revolving Spade Planter
Demmy, George 1999 Graham Solute Tansport in Heterogeneous Porous Formations
Luijten, Joseph 1999 Jones A Tool for Community-Based Water Resources Management in Hillside Watersheds
Fowler, Philip 1998 Bucklin A Methodology for the Design of Complex Computer Systems in Agriculture and Aquaculture
Li, Liyong 1998 Graham Stochastic Analysis of Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Aquifers Subject to Random Recharge and Contaminant Source Fields
Tan, Chih Hung 1998 Shih Regional Scale Evapotranspiration Estimation Using Vegetation Index and Surface Temperature From NOAA Satellite AVHRR data
Fialho, Flávio 1997 Bucklin Simulation Model of Growth and Development of Swine
Mofleh, Mohamad 1997 Bagnall Formation and Combustion Characteristics of Elephantgrass and Energycane Wafers
Zhang, Yan 1997 Graham Spatial Characterization of a Hydrogeochemically Heterogeneous Aquifer Using a Three-Dimensional Distributed Parameter Extended Kalman Filter
Hansen, James 1996 Jones A Systems Approach to Characterizing Farm Sustainability
Lee, Hyung-Jib 1996 Earle Waste Composition and Characteristics as Predictors of Landfill Stabilization
Myhre, Bruce 1996 Shih Fractal Analyses of Satellite Data with Geographic Information Systems in Land Use Classification
Stuck, James 1996 Campbell Particulate Phosphorus Transport in the Water Conveyance Systems of the Everglades Agricultural Area
Welt, Bruce 1996 Teixeira Kinetic Parameter Estimation in Prepackaged Foods Subjected to Dynamic Thermal Treatments
Freire, Evandro 1995 Chau Modeling Transport Phenomena in the Drying Process of Fermented Cacao Beans
Harrison, Tony 1995 Mishoe Application-Independent Document Storage Using a Generic Markup Language
Hodges, Alan 1995 Mishoe Management Strategies for a Borehole Resin Production System in Slash Pine
Wilson, Denise 1995 Overman Estimation of Dry Matter and Nitrogen Removal by the Logistic Equation
Xin, Jiannong 1995 Zazueta A Real-Time Expert System for Citrus Microirrigation Management
Capece, John 1994 Campbell Hydrology and contaminant transport on flatwoods watersheds
Jordan, Jonathan 1994 Shih Application of Remotely Sensed Data to a Geographic Information System for Microclimate Change Analysis
Sifontes, Jose Rafael 1994 Chynoweth Microbial Utilization of Cathodic Hydrogen and Related Corrosion
Tan, Yurong 1994 Shih Multiresolution Processing of Satellite Images and Geographic Information Systems Techniques for Land-Use Classification
Owens, John 1993 Chynoweth Fluorescence Detection of Inhibition in Anaerobic Digestion
Emond, Jean-Pierre 1992 Chau Mathematical Modeling of Gas Concentration Profiles in Perforation-Generated Modified Atmosphere Bulk Packaging
Meyssami, Behrouz 1992 Teixeira Thermodynamic Modeling of pH in Citrus Simulation Systems Under High Pressure Carbon Dioxide
Sapru, Vimal 1991 Teixeira Mathematical Modeling of Bacterial Spore Population Dynamics for Design and Validation of Ultra High Temperature Sterilization Processes
Flaig, Eric 1990 Campbell Spatial Variability of Solute Leaching in a Sandy Soil
Khuri, Ramzi 1990 Peart Integration of Decision Systems with Production Information for Operations Management
Liang, Sheng 1990 Shih Characterization of Ground-Penetrating Radar Echo Pattern of Water Table
Thomson, Steven 1990 Peart Knowledge System for Determining Soil Water Status Using Sensor Feedback
Adsit, Phillip 1989   Real-Time Intelligent Control of a Vision-Servoed Fruit-Picking Robot
Allhands, Marcus 1989 Overman Effects of Municipal Effluent Irrigation on Agricultural Production and Environmental Quality
Cheng, Ke-Sheng 1989   Geostationary Satellite and Raingage Network Data for Rainfall Estimation
Chou, Chu Yang 1989   Computer Control of an Anaerobic Reactor Utilizing a Nonlinear Self-Tuning Regulator
Lal, Harbans 1989   Engineering Farm Knowledge for a Seamless Decision Support System
Pool, Thomas 1989   Motion Control of a Citrus-Picking Robot
Vellidis, George 1989   Measured and Simulated Soil Water Redistribution and Extraction Patterns of Drip-Irrigated Tomatoes Above a Shallow Water Table
Berinyuy, Joseph 1988   Modeling the Cooling of Sweet Corn
Butts, Christopher 1988   Modeling the Evaporation and Temperature Distribution of a Soil Profile
Petrell, Royann 1988 Bagnall Hydromechanical Model of the Movement of Foating, Aggregated, Deformable Bodies
Smith, Matthew 1988   Measurement and Prediction of Herbicide Transport into Shallow Groundwater
Thomas, Michael 1988 Nordstedt Simulation of an Integrated System for the Production of Methane and Single Cell Protein from Biomass
Rodriguez Zendejas, Alfredo 1987   Biological Validation of Thermal Sterilization Processes
Romero, Robert 1987   Transpiration from Fruits and Vegetables in Storage
Slaughter, David 1987 Harrell Color Vision for Robotic Orange Harvesting
Stone, Kenneth 1987   Measurement and Simulation of Soil Water Status Under Field Conditions
Heatwole, Conrad 1986   Field and Basin Scale Water Quality Models for Evaluating Agricultural Nonpoint Pollution Abatement Programs in a South Florida Flatwoods Watershed
Jagtap, Shirkant 1986 Jones, J. Theoretical Development, Analysis and Experimental Validation of an Evapotranspiration Model for Developing Cops
Datta, Ashim 1985 Teixeira Numerical Modeling of Natural Convection and Conduction Heat transfer in Canned Foods with Application to On-line Process Control
Tsai, You Jen 1985   Optimal Sequencing of Multiple Cropping Systems