Master's Theses

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2000 - Present Thesis Topics

Dreaden, Kimberly 2015 Ullman
Evaluating Fluorescently Labeled Escherichia Coli as a Method for Studying Fate and Transport of Pathogens in Soils
Leavitt, Stefani 2015 Ehsani
Treatment of HLB-Affected Citrus Using a Supplemental Heating System
Engel, Angelica 2014 Shukla
Hydroecological Modeling and Decision Support System for a Payment for Ecosystem Services Program for Ranchlands of South Florida
Fue, Kadeghe 2014 Schueller
Development of a Precision Irrigation Control System for Horticultural Food Crops in Tanzania
Holt, Nathan 2014 Shukla
Optimizing Plasticulture Bed Geometries for Enhancing the Sustainability of Vegetable Production
Jagtap, Sanjiv 2014 Kiker
Development and testing of an agent-based, subsistence household model for rural populations in Northwest Botswana
Materu, Stanslaus 2014 Shukla
Yield and water use of alternative rice production systems in Tanzania : field experiments and modeling
Pazmino, Marco 2014 Pullammanappallil
Use of banana peduncle as feedstock for ethanol and biogas production
Montone Oliveira, Verona 2013 Fraisse
Leaf Wetness Duration Modeling and Spatialization to Optimize Fungicide Application in Strawberry Production Systems
Beneche, Joseph 2013 Martinez Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Topmodel for the Hydrological Simulation of the Grise River Catchment
Hyppolite, Lidwine 2013 Teixeira Economic Impact of Improved Harvest and Post-Harvest Practices on the Haitian Mango Industry
Morton, Emily 2013 Pullammanappallil The Anaerobic Digestion of the Microalgae Species Scenedesmus Obliquus for the Production and Subsequent Concentration of Methane from the Biogas
Shenoy, Akshatha 2013 Ehsani A Methodology to Determine and Map the Variability of Citrus Tree Canopy Characteristics
Brecht, Michael 2012 Lee Evaluating Vine-Kill Harvested Potatoes to Determine Effects of Harvest Wait Periods on Damage Resistance and to Detect Surface and Subsurface Damage with Spectral Measurement
Dobbs, Nicole 2012 Migliaccio Irrigation application and nitrogen leaching from warm-season turfgrass using smart irrigation controllers and development of an Interactive Irrigation Tool
Gelcer, Eduardo 2012 Fraisse Evaluation of modeling approaches to estimate Bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum) yield affected by climate variability in Florida
Risko, Susan 2012 Martinez Optimization of streamflow forecasts in west-central Florida using multiple climate predictors : a case study of Tampa Bay Water
Shin, Junsu 2012 Lee Mass and Size Estimation of Citrus Fruit by Machine Vision and Citrus Greening Diseased Fruit Detection Using Spectral Analysis
Khosro Anjom, Farangix 2011 Ehsani An automated tine control system for tractor drawn citrus canopy shakers
Li, Yiqiao 2011 Wade/Teixeira Effect of pulsed ultraviolet light, high hydrostatic pressure and nonthermal plasma on the antigenicity of almond
Schiavoe, Drew 2011 Teixeira Development and evaluation of a natural-convection solar dryer for mango in rural Haitian communities
Tomlin, Britanny 2011 Correll/De Corcuera/Ignacio Kinetic behavior of a pectinase cocktail at high hydrostatic pressure conditions
Inyang, Mandu Ime 2010 Gao Biochar from anaerobically digested sugarcane bagasse : energy and environmental applications
Patil, Rohan 2010 Lee Elimination and detection of debris using machine vision, additional de-stemmer and de-trasher on a citrus canopy shake and catch mechanical harvester
Jadhav, Ujwala 2010 Ehsani Volumetric yield monitoring system using laser scanner for citrus mechanical harvester
Johnson, Nathan 2010 Kiker Water allocation under climatic variability : statistical analysis of water resources modeling and drought operation in the Apalachicola Chattahoochee Flint river basin
Meeks, Leah 2010 Dukes Evaluation of accuracy and longevity of expanding-disk rain sensors
Howard, Judith 2010 Overman Efficiency of plant response to applied nitrogen for crops
Gernain, Melissa 2010 Emond Unconventional insulation materials for the shipment of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals
Anderson, Kristina 2010 Bucklin Development of a simulator for sweetcorn cold chain distribution
Niphadkar, Nikhil 2010 Burks Detection of citrus canker using hyperspectral imaging technique
Altunbas, Ahmet 2010 Emond Wearable RFID Reader and compact fractal patch antenna design
Gupta, Shrey 2009 Bucklin Influence of particle size on flow properties of bulk solids tested via a scaled-up Jenike shear cell
Kisekka, Isaya 2009 Migliaccio Evapotranspiration based irrigation scheduling for a tropical fruit orchard in south Florida
Barquin Valle, Luis 2009 Migliaccio Modeling shallow groundwater table contribution to soil water retention in the unsaturated zone of a calcareous soil of south Florida
Jeon, Sungwan 2009 Welt Evaluation of polymer film barrier coating incorporating two different nanopaticle [sic] size
Santillán Núñez, Verónica 2009 Fraisse Spatial variability of leaf wetness duration in citrus canopies
Panchapakesan, Raghav 2009 Ehsani/Turner Effect of citrus tree canopy on the signal characteriestics [sic] of a ZigBee-based multi-node wireless network
Chiputula, Jonathan 2009 Bucklin Evaluating mechanical damage of fresh potato during harvesting and postharvest handling
Renk, Douglas 2009 Pullammanappallil Integrating technologies in the biodiesel process coupling ultrasonication, solar thermal energy and anaerobic digestion of coproducts
Udumala Savary, Sajith Kumar Jose 2009 Ehsani Study of the force distribution in the citrus canopy during harvest using continuous canopy shaker
Dhoble, Abhishek 2009 Pullammanappallil High solids anaerobic digestion for the long term exploratory NASA lunar space missions
Rutland, Daniel 2009 Dukes Evapotranspiration-based irrigation controllers in Florida
Moreira, Cesar 2009 Welt/Pullammanappallil Steam hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion of biodegradable (polylactic acid) packaging waste
Boone, Rachael 2009 Bucklin Comparison of freestall bedding materials and their effect on cow behavior and cow health
Shedd, Mary 2008 Dukes Irrigation of St. Augustine grass with soil moisture sensor and evapotranspiration controllers
Zhang, Shiwei 2008 Zazueta Design and implementation of DDISMedia : an online digital media library for pest diagnosis
Abdellatief, Ayman 2008 Welt New Apparatus Simplifies Design of Modified Atmosphere Packaging Using Perforated Films
Davis, Stacia 2008 Dukes Evapotranspiration-based Irrigation Controllers Under Dry Conditions in Florida
Femminella, Kristen 2008 Dukes Effects of Soil Moisture Sensor Based Irrigation on Drip Irrigated Bell Peppers Grown on Sandy Soil
Jung, Yunchul 2008 Beck/Morgan Ontology-based Approach to Simulation with Application to Citrus Water and Nutrient Management
Appuswamy, Raja 2007 Beck Design and Development of Ontology-based 3D Virtual Greenhouses
Casanova, Joaquin 2007 Judge Modeling Land Surface Fluxes and Microwave Signatures of Growing Vegetation
Chalfant, Alexis 2007 Emond Embedding Radio Frequency Identification Inlays into Injection Molded Food Containers Using in Mold Labeling Technology
Chinchuluun, Radnaabazar 2007 Lee Machine Vision Based Citrus Yield Mapping System on a Continuous Canopy Shake and Catch Harvester
Dourte, Daniel 2007 Haman Crop Water Requirements and Irrigation Management of Southern Highbush Blueberries
Dzotsi, Kofikuma 2007 Jones, J. Comparison of Measured and Simulated Responses of Maize to Phosphorus Levels in Ghana
Icerman, Jason 2007 Dukes/Muñoz-Carpena Approaches for Two-Dimensional Monitoring and Numerical Modeling of Drip Systems
Kane, Kevin 2007 Lee Identification and Classification of Green Citrus by Spectral Characteristics for Precision Agriculture
Mehta, Siddhartha Satish 2007 Burks/Dixon Vision-Based Control for Autonomous Robotic Citrus Harvesting
Pai, Naresh 2007 Salyani Controlling Airblast Sprayer Air For Variable Rate Application in Orchards
Polematidis, Ioannis 2007 Pullammanappallil Thermophilic, Batch, High-Solids Biogasification of Sugar Beet Tailings
Thyagaraja, Karthik 2007 Welt Gatorpacker - a Worker Productivity Monitoring System Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology
Cardenas Lailhacar, Bernard 2006 Dukes Sensor-Based Automation of Irrigation of Bermudagrass
Mortl Amanda 2006 Muñoz-Carpena Monitoring Soil Moisture and Soil Water Salinity in the Loxahatchee Floodplain
Schroder, Jonathan 2006 Muñoz-Carpena/Dukes Soil Moisture-Based Drip Irrigation for Efficient Use of Water and Nutrients and Sustainability of Vegetables Cropped on Coarse Soils
Webb, William 2006 Graham Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems for Flood Vulnerability Mapping of the c-111 Basin in South Miami, FL
Baum, Melissa 2005 Dukes Residential Irrigation Water Use in the Central Florida Ridge
Collins, Steven 2005 Shukla/Campbell Utilizing In-Situ Benthic Mesocosms to Quantify Phosphorus and Nitrogen Fluxes in South Florida Agricultural Canals
Degraw, Jodi 2005 Lehtola/Nordstedt Perceptions of Florida Beef Cattle Producers on Preparedness for an Agroterrorism Attack
Haley, Patrick 2005 Teixeira High Solids Leachbead Anaerobic Digestion for the Reduction and Stabilization of Organic Waste Generated from an Exploratory Space Mission
Iyer, Ranjit 2005 Beck/Gilman Expert System for Tree Selection in Urban Horticulture
Luniya, Suneet Suresh 2005 Teixeira Automation of Prototype Solid Waste Management System for Long Term Nasa Space Missions
Meana, Melvin 2005 Chau Forced-Air Cooling of Strawberries in Reusable Plastic Containers
Pandey, Chambal 2005 Shukla/Haman Effects of Water Table Management and Organic Amendment on Water Quantity and Quality in South Florida
Sackfield, Christy 2005 Campbell Phosphorus Release and Storage by Two Isolated Wetlands in the Northern Lake Okeechobee Drainage Basin
Srivastava, Saurabh 2005 Shukla/Campbell Crop Coefficients and Water Quality for Watermelon and Bell Pepper Under Drip and Seepage Irrigation
Subramanian, vijay 2005 Burks Autonomous Vehicle Guidance Using Machine Vision and Laser Radar for Agricultural Applications
Triebel, George 2005 Dukes Estimating the Crop Coefficient of Bahiagrass Using Lysimeters and the Fao 56 Penman-Monteith Equation
Wang, Elizabeth 2005 Lehtola Florida's State Agricultural Response Team
Younse, Paulo 2005 Burks/Turner Intersection Detection and Navigation for an Autonomous Greenhouse Sprayer Using Machine Vision
Annamalai, Palaniappan 2004 Lee Citrus Yield Mapping System Using Machine Vision
Gregory, Justin 2004 Dukes Stormwater Infiltration at the Scale of an Individual Residential Lot in North Central Florida
Herrera Molina, Juan pablo 2004 Lee Spectral Based Phosphorus Sensing in the Lake Okeechobee Basin
Guang, Keng Liang 2004 Jordan Remote Sensing to Assess the Extent of Schinus Terebinthifolius in Florida for Bio-Control Baseline
Jopson, Hector 2004 Nordstedt Nutrient and Solids Removal by Lime and Alum Treatment of Flushed Dairy Manure
Pydipati, Rajesh 2004 Burks/lee Evaluation of Classifiers for Automatic Disease Detection in Citrus Leaves Using Machine Vision
Schultz, Joella 2004 Jordan Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System for Assessment of Citrus Condition Parameters in Florida
Singh, Satnam 2004 Burks Autonomous Robotic Vehicle for Greenhouse Spraying
Cornejo, camilo 2003 Haman/Jordan Use of an Evapotranspiration Model and a Geographic Information System (gis) to Estimate the Irrigation Potential of the Travase System in the Santa Elena Peninsula, Guayas, Ecuador
Davidson, christopher 2003 Beck Applying Database and Ontology Design Techniques to a Nasa Biological Research Repository
Gnanaraj, Jayashree 2003 Welt Evaluation of Oxygen Transmission Rate of Packaging Films on Growth of Clostridium Sporogenes and Media Oxidation Reduction Potential in Packaged Seafood Simulating Media
Hendricks, Gregory 2003 Campbell Performance Evaluation of Two Hydrologic/Water Quality Models on Beef Pastures at Buck Island Ranch
Khurana, Aakash 2003 Chynoweth/Teixeira Ozone Treatment for Prevention of Microbial Growth in Air Conditioning Systems
Mckinnie, Frank 2003 Graham Monitoring and Modeling Water and Nitrogen Transport in the Vadose Zone of a Vegetable Farm in the Suwannee River Basin
Mendoza, Teresa 2003 Welt Kinetic Parameter Estimation of Time-Temperature Integrators Intended for use with Packaged Fresh Seafood
Albert, Michael 2002 Graham Monitoring and Modeling the Fate and Transport of Nitrate in the Vadose Zone Beneath a Suwannee River Basin Vegetable Farm
Hollingsed, Steven 2002 Boman Comparing urban and Pasture Land Use and their Effect on Water Quality in the St. Lucie Estuary Drainage Basin
Koo, Jawoo 2002 Jones, j Modeling the Impacts of Climate Variability on Tomato Disease Management and Production
Todd, William 2002 Fench Using GIS and Remote Sensing to Locate Cattle-Dipping Vats in Alachua County, Florida
Crews, Daniel 2001 Whitney Dynamic Weighting to Augment Citrus Yield Mapping
Garcia Prendes, Rafael 2001 Nordstedt Evaluation of Dairy Manure Compost as a Peat Substitute in Potting Media for Container Grown Plants
Montes De Oca, Marcos 2001 Leary Increasing the Efficiency of a Mobile Soil Pasteurizer
Ortega, Benny 2001 Nordstedt Design of a Mechanical Sand-Manure Separation System for Gore's Dairy
Tien, Kai Jen Calvin 2001 Jordan Using Vegetation Indices to Enhance Agricultural Land Use/land Cover Classification in Taiwan
Carvalho, Victor 2000 Bucklin Comparison of Roof Types for Calf Hutches and Their Effects on Calf Performance During Heat Stress