Master's Theses

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1990 - 1999 Thesis Topics

Andrews, Laura 1999 Lehtola Safety Needs for Florida's Citrus Workers: a Baseline Study
Genc, Levent 1999 Bucklin Heat Stress Index for Male Broilers
Gumus, Zekai 1999 Zazueta Trickle Spillway Design for Detention and Routing of Flood Storage Waters in Aquaculture Ponds
Horton, Robert 1999 Jones, P. Microclimate Characterization of a Temperature Gradient Chamber
Lin, Nan 1999 Beck The Design and Implementation of Decision Information System for Citrus
Liu, Pi Hsuan 1999 Jones, P. Designing an Improved Controller for Regulating CO2 Concentration in Temperature Gradient Chambers
Nijbroek, Ravic 1999 Jones Understanding and Simulating Spatial Soil Water and Yield Variability in an Irrigated Soybean Field (available in paper and electronic format)
Scholtz, Richard 1999 Overman Mathematical Corn Gowth Model
Bartz, Brett 1998 Shaw Development of a Flame Weeder Adapted for the Row Middles of Polyethylene Mulch Covered Beds
Brandt-Williams, David 1998 Zazueta Using Neural Networks to Determine Solar Radiation, Evapotranspiration and Irrigation
Irmak, Ayse 1998 Jones The Effects of Antitranspiration on Tomato Growth Yield
Johnson, Sharon 1998 Nordstedt Design of a Constructed Wetlands Treatment System with Overland Flow for Nutrient Removal at a Florida Dairy Farm
Kebeli, Volkan 1998 Bucklin The Effects of Changes in Grain Moisture Content on the Loads in Grain Bins
Keniston, Sarah Anne Wirtz 1998 Jones Modeling and Testing of An Artificial Leaf
Montenegro, Olga 1998 Bodmer/ Nordstedt/thatcher The Behavior of Lowland Tapir (tapirus terrestris) at a Natural Mineral Lick in the Peruvian Amazon
Chang, Lieh-Wen 1997 Shih Comparison of Two Methods for Satellite Image Classification During Rectification
Locurto, Gregory 1997 Bucklin Friction Effects on Chute Flow of Soybeans
Moody, Vertigo 1997 Teixeira Estimating Thermal Inactivation Kinetics of Microorganisms from a Continuous Dynamic Treatment Process
Palazoglu, Tunc 1997 Balaban Optimization of Lipid Extraction from Roasted Pistachio Nuts by Supercritical CO2 Extraction with Ethanol as Entrainer
Thourot, Charles 1997 Overman Redesign and Analysis of a Center Pivot Irrigation System at Gustafson's Dairy
Erdogdu, Ferruh 1996 Balaban Modeling of Temperature Distribution in Shrimp, and Measurement of its effects on Texture, Shrinkage and Yield Loss
Lamb, Scott 1996 Graham Monitoring and Modeling of BMP-Implementation on Central Florida Citrus Groves
Royce, Frederick 1996 Peart Cooperative Agricultural Operations Management on a Cuban Sugarcane Farm: "...and Everything Gets Done Anyway"
Becca, Sharon 1995 Bucklin nutrient assessment of tilapia effluent in a recirculating system and its effect on the growth of cucumbers
Brunty, Jennifer 1995 Bucklin Biological Filtration for Ornamental Fish Production and Factors Affecting Total Ammonia Nitrogen and Nitrate Removal Rates
Marques Da Silva, Filipa 1995 Chau Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exposed to Varying Postharvest Temperatures
Pirozzoli, Heather 1995 Jones, P. The National Ag Safety Database: Comprehensive Evaluation with Recommendations
Clark, Joseph 1994 Graham Evaluation of Nitrogen Movement in a Leatherleaf Fernery
Collins, Lisa 1994 Jones, P. Design, Testing and Evaluation of an Open-top Plant Growth Chamber for Studying the Effects of Carbon Dioxide and Temperature on Rice Production
Hoffman, Wesley 1994 Salyani Spray Deposition from Day and Night Applications
Isaacs, Linda 1994 Becker A Study of the Cost Effectiveness of Occupational Safety and Health Practices in Florida Citrus Production
Pritchard, Robert 1994 Haman Water Use and Irrigation Scheduling of Young Florida Blueberry
Sriwatanapongse, Apiradee 1994 Balaban Thermal and Supercritical CO2 Inactivation Kinetics of Bromelain in Pineapple Juice
Sukotjo, setiarti 1994 Chynoweth Hydrogen and Nitrogen Utilization by Microbes in Gas Pipeline Corrosion
Willcutts, John 1994 Overman Nutrient Cycling in Land Application Dairy Waste Management Systems
Crawford, James 1993 French Laboratory Growth Study and Economic Feasibility Study for the Use of the Microalga Spirulina Platensis for Nitrogen Removal from Dairy Farm Wastewater
Erdogan, Gul 1993 Chau Mathematical Modeling of Seafood Freezing
Goswami, Sugata 1993 Baird Freezing Heat Transfer in Oysters and Its Effect on Mortality of Salmonella
Henderson, James 1993 Teixeira Ohmic Thawing of Shrimp: Technical Feasibility and Economic Analysis
McGlashan, Primose 1993 Fluck Mechanization of Small Farms Using Animal Power Derived from Local Breeds
Calixte, Jean-Paul 1992 Jones, J. Design and Development of a Regional Agricultural Decision Support System
Kiker, Gregory 1992 Jones, J. Predicting Crop Phenological Stages for a Greenhouse Scheduling System
Montoya, Roger 1992 Bucklin Factors affecting Water Usage and Quality in Cooling and Waste Water Systems for Dairy Cattle
Reck, William 1992 Overman Logistic Equation for use in Estimating Applied Nitrogen Effects on Corn Yields
Holloway, Michael 1991 Bottcher BMPs for Mitigating Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater Under North Florida Dairies
Means, Sandra 1991 Bucklin Comparison of Three Water Application Rates for a Sprinkler and Fan Dairy Cooling System in Florida
Moynihan, Mark 1991 Haman Microirrigation Systems for Small-Scale Farms in the Río Cobre Basin area of Jamaica
Perry, Thomas 1991 Overman Irrigation of Citrus with Reclaimed Water
Register, Michael 1991 Haman Freeze Protection of Leatherleaf Fern in Florida
Soongswang, Kitti 1991 Chau Development of Software for the Design of Cooling and Storage Facilities for Fruits and Vegetables
Teixeira, Arthur 1991 Shoup Voice-Activated Database Within the Simulated Mobile Environment of Agricultural Salespeople
Victor, Patrick 1991 Clark Water Requirements and Crop Coefficients for Drip Irrigated, Staked Tomato Grown on a Mulched Bed
Alvarez, Claudio 1990 Chau Modeling Microwave Heating of Beef Roasts
Bryant, Craig 1990 Shih A Groundwater Flow Analysis and Cost of Sampling Program for Lake Apopka, Florida
Cera, Timothy 1990 Campbell Development of Stage Discharge Relationships in Wetland Streams Using Dilution Gaging
Debicki, Ireneusz 1990 Shaw Synchronization of a Seed Meter with the Spade-Punch Planter
Dinkler, Hugh 1990 Fluck Forage Crop Ranking for Phosphorus Recycling on Lake Okeechobee Area Dairies
Geiger, Russell 1990 Shoup Costs and Configurations of Alternative Tilapia Production Systems
Xin, Jiannong 1990 Shih Estimation of the Temperature Variation and Evaporation for Lake Okeechobee by NOAA Satellite APT Data