Master's Theses

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1980 - 1989 Thesis Topics

Calvert, Victor 1989 Water Use and Irrigation Efficiencies of Early-Season Soybeans as a Function of Irrigation Management
Helikson, Helen 1989 Evaluation of a Photovoltaic-Powered Pumping System for Micro-Irrigation
Hwang, Yongkee 1989 An Engineering/Economic Analysis of Nighttime Temperature Control Systems for Florida Greenhouses
Li, Ling 1989 Aweed : a Knowledge Based Information Retrieval System for Aquatic Weed Control in Florida
Burleson, Robert 1988 Development of a Continuous Stormwater Management Model for Agriculture in Florida's Flatwoods Resource Area
Cardin, Brian 1988 Cost Determination of Five Cold Protection Methods Utilized on Young Citrus Trees in Florida
Hodges, Alan 1988 Simulation of Gum Naval Stores Production Systems
Jacobson, Barry 1988 The Conceptual Design, Development, and Testing of an Environmental Controller for Tomato Greenhouses
Malpass, Jeffrey 1988 Development and Use of Techniques for Monitoring the Biological Waste Treatment of Pulp and Paper Industry Wastes
Myhre, Bruce 1988 Using Thermal Infrared Thermometry to Estimate Soil Water Content
Roy, Brian 1988 Development and Evaluation of an Adaptive Control Procedure for Carbon Dioxide Control in environmental Growth Chambers
Semmes, Robert 1988 Quantifying and Evaluating Agricultural Chemical Drift Under Various Florida Application and Microweather Conditions
Siaka, Kone 1988 Nitrate Movement in Sandy, High-Water-Table, Bedded Soil in Florida
Steidinger, Gregg 1988 Machinery System Reliabilities, Capacities and Field Efficiencies for Sugarcane Operations
Strickland, Jody 1988 Evaluation of a Sprinkling and Fan Evaporative Cooling System on Lactating Dairy Cattle in Florida
Tan, Yu Rong 1988 Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System for Studying Agricultural Landuse Changes and Abandoned Well Identification in St. Lucie County, Florida
Thompson, Richard 1988 Kinetic Reduction of Wastewater Constituents in Overland Flow
Williams, Lori 1988 Using Satellite Imagery for Vegetation Classification and Land use Change Assessment in the Florida Everglades
Bin Arifin, Buhri 1987 Forced Air Cooling of Strawberries
Jordan, Jonathan 1987 Application of Remote Sensing Techniques to Abandoned Well Assessment in Lee County, Florida
Khuri, Ramzi 1987 An Expert System for Citrus Harvest Analysis
Panagakis, Panos 1987 Comparison of Ventilation Systems and Protein Sources on the Performance of Young Pigs
Payne, Jeffrey 1987 Performance and Long-Term Effects of a Wastewater Spray Irrigation System in Tallahassee, Florida
Rogers, Jeffrey 1987 Using landsat Data to Assess Land-Use Changes in Florida
taylor, robert 1987 The Use of Retention/Detention for Controlling Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Surface Waters
Torres, Jose 1987 Mathematical Simulation of a Solar Drying System
Wiggins, Terrell 1987 Phosphorus in Drainage Waters of the Everglades Agricultural Area and the Development of a Procedure to Determine its Distribution in a Farm Conveyance System for Locating an Optimum Sampling Point
Ammerman, David 1986 Treatment Kinetics of Overland Flow
Block, Wayne 1986 Dynamic Analysis of a Trunk Shaker-Wooden Test Post System
Garner, Joseph 1986 Sprinkling Water Combined with Forced Air to Reduce Heat Stress of Feedlot Cattle
Gilpin-Hudson, David 1986 The Development and Economic Evaluation of a Microcomputer Controlled Irrigation System for Nurseries
Good, John 1986 Evaluation of Irrigation Pumping Plant Performance Ratings and Their Applications to Water Management
Harrison, Tony 1986 Analysis of Selected Techniques for Forecasting Unit sales in the Dairy Equipment Industry 
Koles, Susan 1986 Modeling of Duckweed (family lemnaceae) Biomass Production and Water Quality Improvement
Melaika, Nader 1986 Irrigation Delivery and Drainage System Model for South Florida
Negahban, Babak 1986 Development of an Expert System for the Selection of Lawn and Garden Tractors Based Upon Optimum Size and Capabilities
Snyder, Gary 1986 Mathematical Model for Prediction of Temperature Distribution in Thermally Processed Shrimp
Tekounegning 1986 An Improved Walking Stick Seed Planter and Dry Fertilizer Applicator
Zajicek, Paul 1986 Conjoint Analysis of Compensation Plans for Agricultural Equipment Sales Personnel
Bin Aribi, Kamarudzaman 1985 Water Use and Growth of Young Citrus Trees as a Function of Irrigation Management and Ground Cover Conditions
Dolande, Jordan 1985 Technical and Economic Feasibility of Individually Quick-Frozen, Vacuum-Packed Tuna Steaks
Eddington, Donald 1985 The Development of a Seed-Singulating Fluid Planter Mechanism
Glunz, Douglas 1985 Comparative Analysis of Florida citrus Harvest Systems
Macchio, Vito 1985 A Model for Establishing Opportunity Values of Robotics Automation in Meat Processing
Taylor, Steven 1985 Evaluating the Potential Benefits of Using an Evaporative Cooling System for Florida Dairy Cattle
Wolfe, David 1985 Overland Flow Treatment of Waste Water at Florida State Prison
Bailey, Nathaniel 1984 A Lysimeter for the Evaluation of Management Systems in Shallow Soil Profiles
Bellagha, Sihem 1984 Heat and Mass Transfer During the Cooling of Tomatoes Individually and in Bulk
Blakeslee, Mark 1984 Engineering Aspects of Carbon Supply for Land-Based Algae Farms
Capece, John 1984 Estimating Runoff Peak Rates and Volumes from Flat, High-Water-Table Watersheds
Munilla, Roberto 1984 A high Speed Transplanter with Extended Acceptance and Deposition Zones: Design and Development
Ngunjiri, Godfrey 1984 Design, Development and Testing of a Small Scale, Low Power, Wood Chipper for Gasifier Feedstock
Schanze, Thomas 1984 Overland Flow Treatment of Municipal Waste Water in Florida
Still, David 1984 Classification of Landsat Data and Rainfall Analysis for Use in Runoff Estimation
Thomas, Michael 1984 Startup Characteristics of Fixed Bed Reactors Using Wood Chip Media
Bolte, John 1983 Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Fixed-Bed Anaerobic Reactors
Konyha, Kenneth 1983 Simulation of the Hydrologic Cycle on Agricultural Watersheds in Florida
Clark, Gary 1982 Simulation of the Sensitivity of Water Movement and Storage in Sandy Soils to Irrigation Application Rate and Depth
Aguirre, Roberto 1981 Calorimetric Determination of Specific Heat by Means of a Boiling liquid
Church, Glenn 1981 Application of Ground Water as the Cooling Medium in a Greenhouse Cooling System Utilizing the Filacell Heat Exchanger
Moran, Christopher 1981 A Method for Determining the Ability of Filters to Remove Contaminants from Wood Gas for use as Fuel in Internal Combustion Engines
Spickard, Wesley 1981 A Shallow Freshwater Solar Pond for Greenhouse Heating
Burke, Patrick 1980 Simulation Studies of a Sawtooth Greenhouse
Elfino, Mohamed 1980 Rolling Resistance of Unpowered Tires on Florida Soil
Elfino, Nariman 1980 Effect of Ionic Strength and Feed Concentration on Cation Transport
Pinkepank, William 1980 An Automated Seedling Soil Block Transfer System for Transplanters: Design and development
Pitt, Dominique 1980 A Closed-Loop Grain Dryer with a Heat Pump and a Counterflow Heat Exchanger
Salazar, Carlos 1980 Energy Losses in Trickle Irrigation Laterals