Master's Theses

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1979 - 1931 Thesis Topics

Campbell, William 1979 Treatment of Anaerobic Swine Lagoon Effluent with a Soil Column
Mekvanich, Kriangkrai 1979 Fiction Coefficients of Chopped Water Hyacinth
Tomlinson, Earl 1979 Modeling Direct solar Regeneration of Solid Desiccants
Young, Daniel 1979 Computer Simulation of Continuously Expanding Anaerobic Digestors
Burnett, Michael 1978 Energy Analysis of Intermediate Technology Agricultural Systems
Oppenheim, Paul 1978 A Low Cost Solar Air Heater for Grain Drying
Barnett, John 1977 The Effect of Amendments Applied to Quartz Sand Tailings From Phosphate Mining on Forage and Grain Production
Canton, Gilbert 1977 Indices for Heat Stress and Evaluation of Inspired-Air Cooling and Shade for Reduction of Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle
Desai, Dipak 1977 Solar Air Heating with a Galvanized Iron Roof and a Transparent Fiberglass Cover
Mcmahon, Brian 1977 Modeling of Cation Transport in a Packed Bed Reactor of Soil
Chu, Ro-Lan 1976 Phosphorus Transport in a Packed-Bed Reactor
Collazo-Arocho, Agustin 1976 Relationships and Effects of Climatic Parameters on Dairy Cattle Performance in Heat Stress Conditions
Debellevue, Edward 1976 Energy Basis for an Agricultural Region: Hendry County, Florida
Eshleman, William 1976 A numerical Method for Predicting Heat Transfer in Axisymmetrical Shaped Solids
Ku, Hsiao-Ching 1976 Effluent Irrigation of Rye and Ryegrass
Sastry, Sudhir 1976 Infrared Radiation and Forced-Heated-Air Curing of Onions
Zakaria, Abdul 1976 Simulation of One-Dimensional Water Transport in Lakeland Fine Sand
Bowden, Jerry 1975 An Evaluation of Drainage and Storage Alternatives in the Kissimmee River Basin
Frank, Joseph 1975 Groundwater Characteristics and Groundwater Movement in the Vicinity of an Excavation in a High Water Table Soil
Bottcher, Adelbert 1974 Clogging of Drip Irrigation Emitters by Dissolved Calcium Carbnonate [sic]
Nguy, Quoc 1974 Yield Response and Nitrogen Uptake by Forage Crops Under Sprinkler Irrigation with Treated Municipal Wastewater
Waggoner, Stanley 1974 Continuous Type Heat Storage Bin for Direct Heat, Soil Pasteurization
Gustashaw, John 1973 Vacuum and Forced Air Drying of Onions
Scott, Patrick 1973 An Analysis of the Factors Influencing Retention Time in a Continuous Rotary Soil Pasteurizer
Talbot, Michael 1973 Transpiration Rates of Snap (green) Beans (phaseolus vulgaris L.) Based on an Unsteady-State Mass-Transfer Analysis
Wang, Leezen 1973 A numerical Analysis of Transient Flow in Unsaturated Sandy Soil
Gerber, Charles 1972 Reflectance Characteristics of Citrus Leaves in the Visible Spectrum
Osterberg, Charles 1972 Sealing of Anaerobic Dairy Waste Lagoons in Sandy, High Water Table Soils
Stewart, John 1972 Energy and Flow Requirements for Chopping Water Hyacinths
Cifuentes, Jaime 1971 Screw Press Design Parameters for Dewatering Water Hyacinth (eichhornia crassipes)
Fairchild, Leslie 1970 Analog Computer Simulation of Tomato Fruit Response to Vibratory harvesting
Hedick, William 1970 Feasibility of Removing Sand From Tomatoes Using Roller Brushes
Johnson, Harold 1970 Design Criteria for Flow Retarding Materials on Newly Designed Waterways and Embankments
Mcintosh, Freddie 1968 Vertical Vibration for Separating Fresh Market tomatoes From the Vine
Baird, Direlle 1967 Measurement of Water Evaporation Rates Utilizing and Electrolytic Condensation Hygrometer
Willits, Daniel 1967 A Continuous Process for Pelleting Wet Citrus Pulp with the Aid of a Bonding Agent
Brown, Max 1966 The Use of Radio Frequency Fields as a Means of Determining the Concentration and Volume of Solutions of Food Components
Veal, Charles 1966 Some Physical Properties of Celery as They Affect Mechanical Removal of Petioles
Williams, Earl Jay 1966 The Vertical Pressure Acting on the Bottom of Confined Stacks of Dried Citrus Pulp
Deen, William 1965 Pelleting Wet Citrus Pulp with the Aid of a Bonding Agent
Kiker, Clyde 1965 An Equation of Motion for Multiple Granular Particles in Free Fall in Enclosed Vertical Ducts
Chau, Khe 1964 Determination of a Parameter used in Calculating the Forces Acting on Particles of Dried Citrus Pulp in Stacks
Lambert, Jerry 1962 The Adaptability of a Sheet Piling-Riprap Drop Spillway to Grade Control of Earth Channels
Freeman, George 1957 Effect of Different Angles of Application of Various Herbicidal Materials on the Control of Succulent and Woody Weeds
Pettis, Aubrey 1956 Yield and Quality of Flue-Cured Tobacco as Affected by Heat-Light Treatments in the Seed Bed
Brewer, Dickey 1954 A Plant for Caged Layer Operation
Johnson, John 1954 Amount of Use and Cost of Operating Farm Tractors in Florida
Choate, Rush 1953 Depth and Frequency of Water Application for Supplemental Irrigation of Pasture
Harrison, Dalton 1953 A study of the Tensiometer, Fiberglas and Plaster of Paris Electrode Blocks, as Soil Moisture Determination Instruments
Myers, Julian 1952 Heat Exchanger Design for Farm Crop Driers
Kiscaden, Donald 1951 The Design and Construction of a Hand Operated Pine Seed Planted ...
Ladd, Thomas 1951 A study of the Grain Storage Situation in North Central Florida
Freeman, H. Dwight 1934 The Strength of Irrigation Pipe as Influenced by Coarse Aggregate
Savage, Zach 1931 A Study of One Hundred Thirty-Eight Windmills in Florida