Congratulations to our Faculty's Tenure and Promotions


UF/IFAS Agricultural and Biological Engineering is proud to congratulate our faculty members on their tenure and promotions. Dr. Nikolay Bliznyuk has been awarded tenure and promoted to Associate Professor, Dr. Clyde Fraisse has been promoted to Professor, Dr. Jasmeet Judge has been promoted to Professor, and Dr. Greg Kiker has been promoted to Professor.

Dr. Nikolay Bliznyuk has been at UF since 2011 and specializes in Bayesian statistics, computational statistics, design of computer experiments, engineering applications of statistics, environmental statistics, high-dimensional data modeling, inverse problems, Monte Carlo methods, semiparametric statistics, spatial statistics, spatio-temporal modeling. Dr. Bliznyuk’s research focuses on development of modern statistical methodology for large complex datasets arising in biological, biomedical and environmental sciences. Dr. Bliznyuk also teaches Fundamentals of Statistics Theory (STA4322/5328), Statistical Methods for Research II (STA6167/ABE6933) and Spatial Statistics (STA6934/ABE6933).

Dr. Clyde Fraisse has been at UF since 2003 and specializes in agrometeorology and agroclimatology, crop response modeling, and decision support systems. Dr. Fraisse’s Extension efforts focus on increasing the climate literacy applied to agriculture of stakeholders across Florida, including agricultural producers, extension agents, crop consultants, and the general public. Dr. Fraisse’s research focuses on developing new knowledge and climate-based applications including short-term weather forecast, seasonal climate forecasting, and long-term climate change projections aimed at reducing risk and increasing resource use efficiency. Dr. Fraisse also serves as the project director for AgroClimate, an innovative web-resource for decision-support and learning, providing interactive tools and climate information.

Dr. Jasmeet Judge has been at UF since 2001 and specializes in microwave remote sensing; electromagnetics; radiative transfer theory; modeling of land surface processes and biogeochemical cycles for different terrain-type; surface and subsurface hydrology; soil physics and transport mechanisms; linkages between water, carbon, and nitrogen cycle; and micro-meteorology. Dr. Judge serves as the Center Director for the Center for Remote Sensing where her research focuses on characterizing spatial and temporal distribution of water in agricultural regions for improved water resource management. Dr. Judge works in developing and teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in remote sensing in ABE and the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department. In addition, Dr. Judge coordinates and teaches delegates from Taiwan with intensive-course in “Remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems.

Dr. Greg Kiker has been at UF since 2005 and specializes in computer simulation of water, plant, and animal ecosystems; object-oriented design and code development; agent-based modeling of coupled human-natural systems; multi-criteria decision and risk analysis; teaching and analysis of complex systems, environmental decision-making; online education. Dr. Kiker has taught many courses in ABE, including Biological Systems Modeling (ABE 5643C), Advanced Biological Systems Modeling (ABE 6933), Simulation of Agricultural Watersheds (ABE 6254) Principles and Issues in Environmental Hydrology (AOM 4643), Graduate Environmental Hydrology (AOM 6932), and Agricultural Operations and Systems (AOM 4455). Dr. Kiker also serves as the department’s Graduate Student Coordinator.