Ken and Cindy Campbell Graduate Student Travel Scholarship

Story by ABE
Photos by ABE and Marco Pazmiño-Hernandez

Three Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) students have been awarded the Ken and Cindy Campbell Graduate Student Travel Scholarship to support their travel, conference and field research efforts in water resources.

The Ken and Cindy Campbell Graduate Fellowship was created in 2015 to support graduate students researching water-related issues in the ABE department at the University of Florida/IFAS. This travel scholarship is created from endowment funds to further support graduate students. Ken Campbell is a Professor Emeritus in the UF ABE department where he served on the faculty for 35 years. His research on water pollution and the reduction of agriculture’s impact on water quality degradation has been critical to the adoption of soil and water management practices in Florida.

2018 scholarship winners Enrique Orozco-López, Marco Pazmiño-Hernández, and Kathleen Vazquez are Land and Water Resources Ph.D. students in UF ABE. Each of these students have been awarded $1000 to be used for various aspects of their field projects in water resources.

Enrique Orozco-López’s project will evaluate land-use impacts on water quality and mitigation practices in the quickly developing Sub-Saharian region of Kenya’s Ewaso Ng’iro North drainage basin. The scholarship funds will contribute to Enrique’s travel expenses while living in Kenya and carrying out research with a team at the Mpala Research Centre. Team members on this project, from both ABE department and Soil and Water Sciences department, will study the current situation and potential mitigation techniques like riparian buffers of this highly polluted ecosystem. (Photo left: Enrique Orozco-López presents at the 2018 Poster Symposium)

Marco Pazmiño-Hernández will be serving as a teaching assistant for the Tropical Conservation and Sustainable Development Law, Policy and Professional Practice course in Costa Rica this summer. During this course, Marco will be involved in a workshop facilitated by both local stakeholders and the UF Water Institute Graduate Fellow Program (WIGF) to focus on scenario planning for future water management in the Tempisque-Bebedero watershed. This course includes a multidisciplinary group from UF Law and UF WIGF program. Marco will contribute to the enrichment of the group’s relationship with the local water institutions and improve the multidisciplinary research approaches that are needed to better manage the Tempisque-Bebedero watershed. (Photo top: Marco Pazmiño-Hernández in Costa Rica.)

Kathleen Vazquez’s project focuses on social-ecological systems modeling in the Tempisque-Bebedero basin in Costa Rica. Her scholarship will be used for Kathleen’s travel to Costa Rica for study of the Tempisque-Bebedero basin, stakeholder engagement through scenario planning and an environmental policy course with a focus on hydrologic connections within the basin. Kathleen’s site visit and stakeholder engagement using scenario planning will help to develop policies for the large uncertainties within the system involving the Tempisque-Bebedero basin in cooperation with the Organization for Tropical Studies. (Photo right: Kathleen Vazquez, ABE Ph.D. Program)