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Whether you want to do research & development in high-tech laboratories, custom design solutions to packaging challenges, develop alternative fuels, engineer efficient irrigation systems or manage a commercial business operation or family farm, opportunities continue to grow in engineering, managing and packaging. Most graduates can expect starting salaries over $45,000 a year. Utilize the links in the right hand column to access current student resumes and find out where interns and alumni are pursuing opportunities.

Salary Survey Results


The following lists provide contact information for companies that employ graduates in the three undergraduate majors.

  • Biological Engineering (118KB pdf) - Food and agribusiness is the largest single industry in the United States and Florida. Protecting and preserving water resources is increasingly important. ABE graduates will work in industries exploring new biofuels, packaging, bioproducts, agricultural robotics and agriculture for long-term space missions. As the world's population swells there will be an increasing demand for graduates in Agricultural and Biological Engineering.
  • Packaging Engineering (13KB pdf) - The Packaging Industry employs more people in packaging operations and related fields than any other industry in the U.S. Demand for graduates with an expertise in packaging continues to exceed supply in many areas.