University of Florida

Graduate Specializations

The ABE graduate studies program provides unique opportunities to expand your skills in engineering, management, and modeling of agricultural, biological and natural ecosystems. Learn to bring a systems-approach and precision technologies to water, nutrient, pesticide and waste management in diverse agricultural and natural ecosystems, including space-based systems. Choose from the following specializations:

  • Agricultural Production
    Includes development and application of precision agriculture concepts and tools, pesticide application, robotics and other machine systems, and environmental control systems. Applications to space agriculture are included in cooperation with NASA at Kennedy Space Center. (Current Research)
  • Biological Engineering
    Includes post-harvest operations, plant biotechnology, process microbiology, environmental biotechnology, food and bioprocess engineering, and packaging science. (Current Research)
  • Information Systems
    Includes development and application of remote sensing, communications, mathematical modeling, environmental decision analysis and expert systems techniques to biological and agricultural systems. (Current Research)
  • Land and Water Resources
    Includes soil-water-plant relations, irrigation, water quality, watershed hydrology, BMP and TMDL studies, hydrologic modeling, ecological restoration, ecological and risk modeling, waste management, and water reuse. (Current Research)