University of Florida

Graduate Student Research Posters

Graduate students in the ABE department highlight their specific research projects in posters which cover an array of topics in Agricultural and Bilogical Engineering. The following are examples of current graduate student research.

Alice Alonso posterGeraldine Klarenberg, PhD

Poster Title: Changing lanes: SW Amazon road paving alters vegetation dynamics and its drivers
Advisor: Dr. Rafael Muñoz-Carpena

Alice Alonso posterChris Hwang, PhD

Poster Title: The Next Generation of Crop Models Gene-Based Leaf Area Model For The Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Advisor: Dr. Melanie Correll

Kizzy Boyer posterMackenzie Boyer - PhD

Poster Title: Big Data indicates Big Irrigation Savings of Florida Friendly Landscapes
Advisor: Dr.Michael Dukes

Jason Chang posterSeungwoo Chang - PhD

Poster Title: Uncertainty Analyses of Evapotranspiration Using Global Climate Models
Advisor: Dr.Wendy Graham

Kim Dreaden posterKimberly Dreaden - MS

Poster Title: Effect Of Vegetation On Bacterial Transport And Removal In Agricultural Soils
Advisor: Dr.Jeffrey Ullman

Wes Henson posterWesley Henson - PhD

Poster Title: Examining the Spatial Distribution of Denitrificationin the Upper FloridanAquifer Using Geochemistry and Nitrate Isotopes
Advisor: Dr.Wendy Graham

Yogesh Khare posterYogesh Khare - PhD

Poster Title: New Multi-Criteria Parameter Screening Sampling Strategy For High Dimensional Models
Advisor: Dr.Christopher Martinez

Mahmoud Khedher Agha posterMahmoud Khedher Agha - PhD

Poster Title: Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) of Triticale Seed
Advisor: Dr.Wonsuk Lee

Zhijiang Ni posterZhinjiang Ni - PhD

Poster Title: 3D Reconstruction of Plant/Tree Canopy from Multiple Views Using Stereo Cameras
Advisor: Dr.Thomas Burks

Mahmoud Khedher Agha posterAlireza Pourreza - PhD

Poster Title: Citrus Huanglongbing Disease Detection
Advisor: Dr.Wonsuk Lee

Mazin Saber posterMazin Saber - PhD

Poster Title: An Automated Mechanical Weed Control System for Intra-Row Organic Row Crop Production
Advisor: Dr.Wonsuk Lee

Asmita Shukla posterAsmita Shukla - PhD

Poster Title: Phosphorus Retention Function of Agricultural Stormwater Impoundments: Sink or Source?
Advisor: Dr. Sanjay Shukla

Li Zhang  posterLi Zhang - PhD

Poster Title: Linking Genes to Node Development in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Advisor: Dr.Melanie Correll