University of Florida

ABE Graduate Student Organization

Get Involved! The ABE Department has an active. engaged group of students who help organize events, activities, mentoring, service projects and many professional development opportunities for ABE graduate students. The ABEGSO was established as an official student organization for the purpose of supporting and encouraging graduate students’ academic, social, university and community involvement and to further the education of members interested in Agricultural and Biological Engineering and its related fields at the University of Florida.. To get involved in the ABEGSO contact the President or any of the standing committee chairs.

View our current project at the Ashton Biological Preserve

Geraldine KlarenbergPresident, Joe Sagues

The role of the president is to preside at all regularly scheduled meetings, to see that all members have notice of special meetings, to cast the deciding vote in case of a tie, to appoint standing committees and direct ABEGSO to the best of his or her ability.

Anne Elise CreamerVice President, Ratna Suthar

The role of the vice president is to connect with our graduate students and other organizations for outreach and collaborative efforts. Also to ensure apt communication of opportunities available through the GSO social media platforms.

Natalie NelsonProfessional Development Committee Chair, Hao Gan

The Professional Development Committee arranges for speakers, professional roundtables, and competitions that provides students with an opportunity to participate in events and activities that enhance their knowledge & presentation skills.

Alice AlonsoMentoring Committee Chair, Marco Pazmino

ABE graduate students are provided with an opportunity to serve as mentors to incoming graduate students. Current students help new students navigate many facets of campus and community life and serve as a friendly point of contact before and after arrival at UF.

Anne Elise CreamerService Committe Chair, Chris Hwang

The Service Committee looks for opportunities for ABE graduate students to build ties to the community through service to the department, university and the public.

Anne Elise CreamerSocial Committe Chair, Chris Hwang

The Social Committee helps to organize events and activiites that allow graduate students to mingle and enjoy activities outside of academic life.

Cininta PertiwiTreasurer, Nicholas Cavallaro

The Secretary/Treasurer tstands in for the President in their absence, assists the President in their responsibilities, keeps an accurate record of all business transactions, money received or spent, and maintains meeting minutes and attendance of members at meetings and events by ABEGSO.    

Shannon NobleStaff Advisor, Shannon Noble

The ABEGSO advisor assists in scheduling meetings, creating agendas, and with the organization and communication of events and activities.