Quick Contacts

We'd like to hear from you. Please utilize our directory to obtain contact information for ABE faculty, staff and graduate students. The following are some specific contacts in the department.

Interim Chair and Professor
Dr. Rafael Muñoz-Carpena
352-392-1864 ext. 287 | carpena@ufl.edu

Biological Engineering Undergraduate Coordinator
Dr. Jim Leary
352-392-1864 ext. 115 | drleary@ufl.edu

Agricultural Operations Management Undergraduate Coordinator
Dr. Wendell Porter
352-392-1864 ext. 113 | waporter@ufl.edu

Graduate Coordinator
Dr. Greg Kiker
352-392-1864 ext. 169 | gkiker@ufl.edu

Academic Adviser
Robin Snyder
352-392-1864 ext. 116 | rsnyder@ufl.edu

To find out more about the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at the University of Florida, please contact us.