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Assistant Professor in Big Data Analytics in Agricultural and Natural Resources Systems

Current developments in data sciences are producing fundamental shifts in many economic sectors. However, in spite of their central role in human welfare, the potential for big data and analytics for Agricultural and Natural Resources systems remains largely untapped. The time horizon in the “farm to fork” ecosystem must be re-visited using better data, curated data, small data, big data, “bigger” data. Hence, making data and analytics meaningful in the context of a wholistic “farm to fork” concept (which spans several organizations and industries) is central to advancing the mission of agriculture and food systems for the future. The successful candidate must grasp the immense significance of ABE related research in helping to feed 10 billion people in the world, circa 2050. Where and how can data, information and knowledge help in this gigantic jig-saw puzzle? If data is the “new salt” then how can it improve lives and the future of agricultural and natural resources systems? (Requisition #507829) Read more...

Assistant Professor in Agricultural and Biological Engineering

The ABE Biological Engineering program currently includes four concentrations – Biosystems Engineering, Land and Water Resources Engineering, Packaging Engineering, and Agricultural Production Engineering. The candidate will contribute to teaching and research in one or more of the four concentrations. The candidate will also contribute to the Biological Engineering ABET accreditation process by working with faculty leading this effort. The candidate is expected to engage with the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, coordinate recruitment activities for engineering students, and represent ABE on the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering curriculum committee. (Requisition #507832) Read more...

Assistant Professor in Sustainable Food Systems Engineering

The faculty member in this position will be responsible for building a research and teaching program that addresses engineering issues at the forefront of food systems. Food security and sovereignty are dynamic pillars of food systems, and this position will train future professionals and develop state of the art engineering solutions on complex problems at the food/energy/water/climate nexus. Candidates should have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in food systems and a strong background in food engineering, biological engineering, or a related discipline. Applicants should demonstrate how their proposed research/teaching program can train a new workforce focused on convergence of technology, consumer needs, the human-AI interface, and/or other emerging frontiers. (Requisition #507782) Read more...

Assistant Professor in Risk Analysis, Safety & Health of Agricultural Systems

The faculty member in this position will be responsible for building a program in risk analysis, safety and health challenges that will address the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries (AFF) system in Florida, with an integrated view encompassing jobs in the field (planting, maintenance, harvesting, etc.) through postharvest activities (packing, processing, shipping and handling, etc.). This position will develop partnerships with growers, farm worker groups, processors, equipment manufacturers, and various agencies to assist the AFF industry in maintaining safe and healthy working environments and practices. An interest/background and close collaboration in the social sciences is necessary to address interactions with industry on sensitive safety and health issues, the public health component, understanding adoption, etc. As such it is expected that this faculty member will maintain an active affiliate faculty status with the Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences, including participating in projects, meetings and graduate supervisory committees. (Requisition #507645) Read more...

Two (2) Postdoctoral Research Associate Positions
Three (3) Graduate Student Positions

The University of Florida is seeking applicants to fill 2 postdoctoral research associates and 3 graduate student positions. They will be part of a transdisciplinary project—in collaboration with Columbia University (CU) and East Carolina University (ECU)— entitled “Towards a Multi-scale Theory of Coupled Human Mobility and Environment Change.” The project aims at applying a mixed-methods approach to develop a modeling framework that integrates environmental modeling, social dynamics, and migration theories and then to use such a modeling framework to develop an integrative theory of coupled dynamics of migration and environmental change. Some of the methods include dynamical system modeling, multilayer network approaches, climate and hydrological modeling, and Bayesian inference analyses. Different aspects of the project will be conducted across the three universities. The team will meet remotely on a regular basis and annual workshops will be held where all the team members will meet in person.

More information about the project, click here.

Ph.D. Student Position, Southwest Florida Research and Education Center

The Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE - http://www.abe.ufl.edu ) and the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center (SWFREC- http://www.imok.ufl.edu) is looking for a motivated individual to join its team as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Yiannis Ampatzidis. The selected candidate will work in the area of UAVs, mechatronics, machine vision, robotics and precision farming technologies. Primary responsibilities include designing and implementing research studies, collecting and analyzing data, preparing research results for publication, presenting at national meetings, and assisting the PI in the preparation of grant proposals. Applicants should have excellent verbal and written communication skills and be available for an interview (Contact Dr. Ampatzidis for questions at i.ampatzidis@ufl.edu).

Center Director and Professor, Tropical Research and Education Center

The Center Director is the administrative head of the Tropical Research and Education Center (TREC) located in Homestead and provides leadership and support for the teaching, research and extension programs essential to the agricultural, horticultural, natural resource conservation, environmental and consumer interests of the area. The Director is responsible for promoting the development of proactive programs addressing the present and future needs of the surrounding agricultural, natural resource and urban communities. TREC programs seek to improve the viability of regional agricultural economies, protect and enhance natural resources, and encourage positive interaction at the urban-agriculture interface.

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