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Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Quantification and Mapping of Crop Evapotranspiration using Remote Sensing Based Surface Energy Balance Models in the Inter Mountain Terrain

Bibek Acharya
Advisor: Dr. Vivek Sharma



Water Conservation Potential for Turfgrass Grown in Compost-Amended Soil

Presented by Ronald Fox

Advisor: Dr. Eban Bean



Predicting the bacterial concentration in a solution using statistical machine learning

Presented by Hanyu Qian

Advisor: Dr. Nikolay Bliznyuk and Dr. Eric McLamore



Fe-modified Biochar Enhances Microbial Nitrogen Removal Capability of Constructed Wetland

Presented by Yicheng Yang

Advisor: Dr. Bin Gao



GatorByte – A Platform For Low-Cost, Real-time Water Resource Monitoring

Presented by Piyush Agade

Advisor: Dr. Eban Bean



Improving Greenhouse Cooling Efficiency Through The Use Of A Liquid Desiccant And Regeneration System

Presented by Waleed Bin Masoud

Advisor: Dr. Melanie Correll



Enhancing Uncertainty Quantification in ABMs through GSA

Presented by Alvaro Carmona-Cabrero

Advisor: Dr. Rafael Munoz-Carpena



Opportunities for Advancements in Water Quality Monitoring, Modeling, and Control using IoT Technology Combined with in situ Spectrometry

Presented by Joe Barrett Carter

Advisor: Dr. Eban Bean and Dr. Aditya Singh



Improving remote sensing predictions of precipitation events using weather stations data with ML

Presented by Yi Han

Advisor: Dr. Nikolay Bliznyuk



On coupled dynamics and regime shifts in coupled human-water systems

Presented by Mehran Homayounfar

Advisor: Dr. Rachata Muneepeerakul



Classifying thrip biocontrol damage in the invasive Brazilian peppertree (Schinus terebinthifolia)

Presented by Stephen Lantin

Advisor: Dr. Aditya Singh and Dr. Melanie Correll



Probabilistic Forecasting for Seasonal Streamflow using Machine Learning

Presented by Jia-Yi Ling

Advisor: Dr. Christopher Martinez and Dr. Nikolay Bliznyuk



Understanding Starch and Dry Matter Dynamics of Cassava Roots

Presented by Patricia Moreno Cadena

Advisor: Dr. Gerrit Hoogenboom and Dr. Senthold Asseng



Assessment of the joint effects of climate and land use changes in the dynamics of a socio-ecohydrological system: Case-study of the Cubango-Okavango River Basin

Presented by Edwin Ntong Mosimanyana

Advisor: Dr. Rafael Muñoz-Carpena



It Matters “How”, Not Just What, Factors Are Included: a Case Study of a Migration Agent-Based Model

Presented by Woi Sok Oh

Advisor: Dr. Rachata Muneepeerakul



Effects of Forest Ecosystem Restoration on Potential Water Yield in the Ocala National Forest

Presented by Israel Ojo

Advisor: Dr. Sanjay Shukla and Dr. Yiannis Ampatzidis



Lignin-Based and Disulfate-Linked Aerogel as a Selective, Controllable, Reusable Superabsorbent

Presented by Arianna Partow

Advisor: Dr. Zhaohui Tong



Weather index-based insurance for soybean production in the US southeastern

Presented by Daniel Perondi

Advisor: Dr. Clyde Fraisse



Climate Change Impacts On Natural And Managed Wetland Basins In The Western Everglades

Presented by Satbyeol "Joy" Shin

Advisor: Dr. Young Gu Her



Climate change impacts and adaptation options of sorghum production in Ethiopia

Presented by Fikadu G. Welidehnna

Advisor: Dr. Haimanote Bayabil



Quantifying the effects of agricultural intensification practices on streamflow and wildlife: A case study in Laikipia, Kenya

Presented by Lory Willard

Advisor: Dr. Rafael Munoz-Carpena and Dr. Cheryl Palm



Comparative investigation of engineered biochars characteristics and their enhanced phosphate removal with facile ball milling method

Presented by Patrick Zheng

Advisor: Dr. Bin Gao



Detection of Two-Spotted Spider Mite in strawberry using Artificial Intelligence

Presented by Congliang Zhou

Advisor: Dr. Won Suk Lee