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 The aim of this REU Program is to provide undergraduate students with eight weeks of research experiences in different aspects of water resources. The students will understand the significance of their research and its impact on current management practices and decisions, through extension activities. During this Program, the students are distributed across Florida, at the main campus in Gainesville, at the UF/IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center (CREC) in Lake Alfred, and at the UF/IFAS Tropical Research and Education Center (TREC) in Homestead. More...


Laura Merriman: Poster presentation at the Oklahoma Water Symposium, “Evapotranspiration in wetlands”, October 2010 Best Presentation Award

Madeline Porterfield: Poster presentation at the Institute of Biological Engineering Annual Meeting, “The use of nanoparticles in the detection of microcystin-LR with electrochemical sensors”, March 2012. Grand Prize winner for the undergraduate poster competition.

Conference Presentations

Kaileigh Calhoun:

  • Poster presentation at the Annual ASABE International Meeting, “Correction of the analysis of HFP01 heat flux sensor data collected during periods of rainfall”, August 2012

Mikayla Marvin:

  • Poster presentation at the Annual ASABE International Meeting, “Detection of water stress in citrus orchards using high resolution thermal imagery”, August 2012

Mary Morris:

  • Poster presentation at the American Meteorological Society Meeting, “Soil Moisture Sensitivity in Passive Microwave Signatures of a Growing Elephant Grass: A Bioenergy Crop”, January 2012 More...

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Upcoming Events

Adam Luke and Evan Wesley will present their REU research at the AGU's Fall Meeting, December 3 - 7, 2012


Application Deadline:
5 pm EST, February 1, 2012