University of Florida

Research Centers

ABE faculty are aligned with research centers both on campus and around the nation. Several faculty members are actively involved with projects at the UF-IFAS Space Agricultural and Biotechnology Research and Education (SABRE) Center located at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and the NASA Environmental Systems Commercial Space Technology Center (ESCST) located at UF in Gainesville. Other affiliations are listed below.

  • Center for Remote Sensing (CRS)
    Housed in Frazer Rogers Hall, the CRS involves applying state-of-the-art remote sensing, GIS, and GPS technologies to hydrology, agriculture, and natural resources.
  • Center for Engineering Logistics and Distribution (CELDi)
    CELDi is an Industry/University Cooperative Research Center that supports research based on partnerships among industry, academe, and government.
  • UF Center for Distribution and Retailing (CFDR)
    Described by researchers as the first of its kind in the world the CFDR will help the nation’s $950 billion retail food industry provide consumers with high quality products at affordable prices. The center will also focus on improving packaging design and developing new technologies.
  • Precision Agriculture Laboratory
    Precision agriculture is a set of managerial practices whereby spatial variability in a field can be controlled on a micro scale. The main idea behind precision agriculture is spatial variability. This refers to all of the ways a field can differ from one location to another.