University of Florida

Research: Biological Engineering

Biological engineering (BE) projects include the development of biofuels,plant biotechnology, process microbiology, environmental biotechnology, bioproducts, biosensors, biological modeling, food and bioprocess engineering, and packaging science. The ABE Department has many faculty working in biological research areas. Links to faculty research websites are listed below.


Bucklin, Ray
Ag Structures; Space Agriculture and Biology
Correll, Melanie
Light/Gravity Effects on Plant Growth; Plant-Space Biology; Plant Bioreactors
Gao, Bin
Environmental & Water Resources Engineeing; Nanotechnology; Contaminant Fate and Transport
Kiker, Greg
Ecological Modeling; Environmental Risk and Decision Analysis
Leary, Jim
Agricultural Production Systems Analysis; Crop and Soil Modeling
McLamore, Eric
Bioregenerative Life Support Systems; Space Biology; Wastewater Treatment; Ecotoxicology; Biofuels
Pullammanappalil, Pratap
Bioprocess Engineering; Wastewater and Solid Waste Management; Environmental Biotechnology
Tong, Zhaohui
Bioconversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Fuels; Synthesis of Biodegradable Nanocomposite and Value-Added Chemicals