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Our Team (Current Members)


Dr. Won Suk Lee

Dr. Won Suk "Daniel" Lee

Research: Precision agriculture, variable rate application, machine systems design, sensor development, instrumentation, machine vision/image processing, farm automation.

Visiting Scholar

Yongming Chen

Dr. Yongming Chen

Assistant Professor, Yancheng Institute of Technology, Jiangsu, China
Research: Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Big Data Analysis.
Ping Lin

Dr. Ping Lin

Associate Professor, Yancheng Institute of Technology, Jiangsu, China
Research: Data Mining, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition.
Kezhu Tan

Dr. Kezhu Tan

Associate Professor, Northeast Agricultural University, China
Research: Computer vision and deep learning in agricultural products detection

Current PhD Students

Hao Gan

Hao Gan

Ph.D. Student. 2015-present.
Research: Dectection of immature green citrus fruit using hyperspectral and thermal imaging.

Current Exchange Students

Chenglin Wang

Chenglin Wang

Exchange Ph.D. Student, South China Agricultural University, China 2017-present.
Research: Computer vision and image processing

Current Master's Interns

Arumugam Kalaikannan

Arumugam Kalaikannan

M.S. Student. 2016-present.
Research: Strawberry Yield Estimation using Machine Vision.

Current Bachelor's Students

Justice Diamond

Past Members

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