University of Florida

ABE Post-Doc Directory

Belay T. Kassie

Belay T. KassieE-mail | 352-392-1864 x 236

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Crop-climate-soil systems modeling, climate change and adaptation of agro-ecosystems, soil and water management, application of GIS and remote sensing to natural resources management.

Masatoshi Katabuchi

Masatoshi KatabuchiE-mail | 352-392-1864

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Community Ecology, Functional Traits, Tropical Rainforests, Dryland Stream, Bayesian Analysis

Pang-Wei Liu

Pang-Wei LiuE-mail | 352-392-1864 x 266

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Multi-platform and multi-frequency remote sensing for hydrological and agricultural applications. Geospatial data analysis and integration using Geographical Information System. Data assimilation.

Diego Noleto Luz Pequeno

Diego Noleto Luz PequenoE-mail | 352-392-1864 x 218

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Application of crop models and weather-related risks assessment using web-based decision support tools.

Ismael Rodea-Palomares

Ismael Rodea-PalomaresE-mail | 352-392-1864 x 185

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Freshwater applied ecology and ecotoxicology, macroecological approaches in ecotoxicology, chemical mixture effect assessment and modelling, combined stressors effect assessment, global sensitivity and uncertainty analysis

Vakhtang Shelia

Vakhtang SheliaE-mail | 352-392-1864 x 254

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
The development and application of Mathematical Models and Information Technology in Agriculture and Agro Meteorology, modeling energy and mass transfer processes in agricultural systems, simulation of plant growth and crop production, the development of DSSAT (Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer;, and the Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Regional Agricultural Forecasting Toolbox (CRAFT).

Caroline Staub

Caroline StaubE-mail | 352-392-1864 x 220

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Climate science, applications and communication in natural resources management and agriculture. Space/time analysis of climate dynamics and the influence of climate variability on natural resources, including crop yield, freshwater and biodiversity.