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ABE Contact Information

We'd like to hear from you. Please utilize our directory to obtain contact information for ABE faculty, staff and graduate students. The following are some specific contacts in the department.

Dorota Haman, Professor & Chair

Dorota HamanRogers Hall Room 120    | 352-392-1864 ext. 120 | E-mail

Dr. Haman specializes in irrigation water management, plant water requirements and irrigation efficiency. She has a strong interest in irrigation education in developing countries and has been developing and teaching irrigation courses in South and Central Americas and in Africa.

Jim Leary, BE Undergraduate Coordinator

Jim LearyRogers Hall Room 115 | 352-392-1864 ext. 115 | E-mail

Dr. Leary is the advisor for students interested in a degree in Biological Engineering.

Wendell Porter, AOM Undergraduate Coordinator

Wendell PorterRogers Hall Room 113 | 352-392-1864 ext. 113 | E-mail

Dr. Porter is the advisor for students interested in a degree in Agricultural Operations Management.

Greg Kiker, Graduate Coordinator

Greg KikerRogers Hall Room 291  | 352-392-1864 ext. 169 | E-mail

Dr. Kiker is the advisor for the students interested in a graduate degree in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department.

Robin Snyder, Coordinator, Academic Support Services

Robin SnyderRogers Hall Room 116 | 352-392-1864 ext. 116 | E-mail

Robin can answer general advising questions and provide additional information regarding ABE undergraduate and graduate degrees. You can also contact Robin regarding the ABE web site.

Mailing address:

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PO Box 110570
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