University of FloridaDepartment of Agricultural & Biological Engineering

David Kaplan

Ph.D. Graduate Student

  • Hometown: Columbia, Maryland
  • Education: B.S., Cornell University
  • Major(s): Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • Research interests: Wetland hydrology: impacts of altered hydrology on structure and function of wetlands, lakes, and rivers; saltwater intrusion impacts on coastal wetlands and aquifers; ecological restoration. Feedbacks between biological and hydrological systems: environmental and ecological thresholds to natural and
    anthropogenic drivers (climate change, watershed modification, etc.). Hydrological and ecological modeling in support of wetland conservation, management, and restoration efforts; uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of natural systems modeling/
  • Graduation date: Spring 2010.
  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida. Please visit:


David Kaplan


  • David Kaplan
    Department of Agricultural
     & Biological Engineering
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