University of Florida

AOM Undergraduate Course Listings

The following is a list of current AOM courses. Please refer to the course syllabus for details.

AOM 2520 Global Sustainable Energy: Past, Present and Future 3 F
AOM 3220 Agricultural Construction and Maintenance 3 F
AOM 3333 Pesticide Application 3 F
AOM 3734 Irrigation Principles and Practices in Florida 3 SuA
AOM 4062 Principles of Food Engineering 4 F
AOM 4314C Power and Machinery Management 3 S
AOM 4434 Precision Agriculture 3 S
AOM 4444C Electrical Power and Instrumentation for Agricultural Operations Management 3 S
AOM 4455 Agricultural Operations and Systems 3 S
AOM 4461 Sustainable Ag Systems 3 S
AOM 4521 Introduction to Biofuels 3 SuA
AOM 4642 Environmental Systems for Agricultural Structures 3 F
AOM 4643 Principles and Issues in Environmental Hydrology 3 F
AOM 4905 Special Problems in Agricultural Operations Management 1-4  
AOM 4941 Full Time Practical Work Experience in Agricultural Operations Management 1-4  
AOM 4933 Professional Practices in Agricultural Operations Management 1 S