Christopher J. Martinez, Ph.D
Modeling of Water Source Allocation Strategies and Demand Scenarios to Reduce Risk in Public Water Supply Management

Tampa Bay Water, the largest public water supplier in the region, makes decisions regarding how to meet their customers’ water demand by rotating and apportioning among existing sources (groundwater, surface water, the regional reservoir, and desalination) to minimize cost and environmental impacts while maximizing reliability. Climate variability has a major influence on demand and availability of water; a significant proportion of this variability in Florida can be forecast several months in advance. This project:
Christopher J. Martinez, Ph.D
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• Evaluated tools including the Water Evaluation And Planning system (WEAP) model to simulate source allocation decisions by Tampa Bay Water.

• Develop and evaluate custom decision support tools for source allocation.

• Evaluate the benefit of using weather and climate forecasts in water allocation decision making.

• Evaluate the reliability of system infrastructure under a range of historical and potential future hydrologic scenarios.