Christopher J. Martinez, Ph.D
Streamflow, Baseflow and Water Quality Trends Associated with Urban Development in West-Central Florida

Christopher J. Martinez, Ph.D
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Determination of long term and seasonal trends is important in order to study the impact of land use change on streamflows and constituent concentrations.

The objective of this work was to identify trends in flow and water quality in the Alafia River and their potential relationship to changes in land use in the watershed.

Specifically, this project:

• Evaluated seasonal and annual trends in discharge volumes and water quality parameters at several stations on the Alafia River using non-parametric techniques.

• Assessed trends in discharge and water quality associated with stormflow and baseflow to identify changes in hydrology and constituent sources.

• Related changes in discharges and water quality to changes in land use and population densities within the watershed.

The results of the work have been published in the Journal of the American Water Resources Association (link)