University of Florida

Extension Faculty

Dr. Brian Boman, P.E. Brian Boman, P.E.

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Dr. Boman’s work involves research and extension activities concerning water management within the citrus industry of Florida’s Indian River Area.  Areas of research include irrigation and drainage systems, operation and maintenance of water management systems, citrus water use, fertigation, and foliar nutrient applications to enhance citrus fruit size.

Dr. Michael DukesMichael D. Dukes, P.E.

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Dr. Dukes specializes in irrigation and drainage engineering; water quantity and quality issues; crop consumptive use/evapotranspiration; Best Management Practices to reduce nonpoint source pollution.

Dr. Reza EhsaniReza Ehsani

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Dr. Ehsani specializes in mechanical harvesting, precision agriculture, GPS/GIS applications, sensors and automation for agricultural systems and wireless networks.

Dr. Clyde FraiseeClyde Fraisse

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Dr. Fraisse specializes in the development of climate risk mitigation tools for agricultural and natural resources managers. His expertise includes agroclimatology; soil and water engineering.

Dr. Christopher J. MartinezChristopher J. Martinez

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Dr. Martinez is a faculty member of the Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology and specializes in urban water resources and nonpoint source pollution, watershed modeling, and the use of climate information in water resource, agricultural, and ecological management, planning, and decision making.

Dr. Kati White MigliaccioKati White Migliaccio

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Dr. Migliaccio specializes in GIS
and watershed modeling, water conservation for sustainable agriculture, water quality assessment and evaluation and soil moisture based irrigation systems.

Dr. Pratap Pullammanappallil Pratap Pullammanappallil

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Dr. Pullammanappallil specializes in design, modeling, control and optimization of processes for biofuel production and pollution control; wastewater and solid waste management, treatment and disposal; and environmental biotechnology.

Dr. Sanjay ShuklaSanjay Shukla

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Dr. Shukla specializes in evaluation of effects of agricultural practices on water quality and quantity.

Dr. Zhaohui Tong Zhaohui Tong

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Dr. Tong specializes in bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass to fuels , synthesis of biodegradable nanocomposite and value-added chemicals, analysis and characterization of lignocellulosic materials, chemical and bioprocess design, colloid and surface chemistry.